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Body Language Expert Makes A Bold Claim About Dr Disrespect

If you've been following the strange story that is Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch, you've likely been disappointed by what you've learned thus far. Twitch itself has been less than forthcoming about the reason for the ban. Dr Disrespect himself claimed last Friday that Twitch hadn't offered him an explanation, either.


As you can imagine, some are skeptical about whether or not the Doc is completely in the dark about his ban. A body language expert named BelievingBruce studied Dr Disrespect's last stream, and what he found might leave you wondering if the Doc knows more than he's letting on.

To start, BelievingBruce noted the instant change in Dr Disrespect's demeanor after he looked at his phone during his last broadcast. The Doc was typical Doc up to that point, but there was a shift in what BelievingBruce called his "baseline emotional behavior" after he saw what was on that screen.

Once Dr Disrespect caught a glimpse of whatever that was, everything that came after seemed to tell a tale of where the Doc's head was at.


BelievingBruce got into something called "lip compression." This is basically the way someone purses their lips when they're holding back and may want to speak, but can't — or shouldn't. Dr Disrespect engaged in some lip compression after looking at his phone, and according to BelievingBruce, this was the Doc stopping "an internal energy" from coming out during his broadcast.

The body language guru also examined something called a "behavioral cluster." If you've ever watched a cartoon where one of the characters is in danger, you might have seen that character do an exaggerated GULP. While that act is certainly played up for effect by Bugs Bunny, for example, it's not too far from what some humans actually do.

That deep swallow, as BelieveBruce explained, is a sort of involuntary reaction to a threat. And wow, did the Doc ever swallow upon getting whatever news he received. He didn't seem puzzled at all by what he was viewing, as BelievingBruce pointed out. He wasn't confused. He didn't seem especially eager to get to the bottom of it, as you might if you see a strange charge on your credit card. Instead, he seemed to know instantly that what he saw was trouble.

Then came what BelievingBruce called "the obituary." If you viewed the Doc's last stream, you might recall his change in mood followed by a brief period of him trying to cheer up his fans — his "Champions Club," as he calls them. Dr Disrespect told his viewers, "The confidence of the Champions Club is at an all-time high," adding, "Don't ever stop."


It was the way he said these things, though, that stuck out to BelievingBruce. According to the body language expert, Dr Disrespect experienced a "tightening" of his throat during this time, almost as if he was struggling to get the words out without becoming emotional. You could see this again when he told his Champions Club, "You've gotta be strong in this world, man," and added what BelievingBruce called a "self-soothe" — pressing his tongue up against the inside of his cheek.

"I believe he's talking to himself here — 'You've got to be strong.'" BelievingBruce said.

The Doc then proceeded to make some strange facial expressions, as well, while talking about conspiracy theorist David Icke. He went through a string of what BelievingBruce called "contortions," licking his lips and pursing them. It was here, the expert claimed, that Dr Disrespect seemed to be "taking out his own frustration on himself."

What followed may seal the deal for those who don't believe the Doc is being totally honest with the world. As Dr Disrespect mentioned his wife, Mrs. Assassin — and presumably "waved her off" — he started to mumble quietly. This was apparently the Doc trying to "narrate" what was happening to himself, and a sign — according to BelievingBruce — that he knew he'd lost control of the situation.


And then the Doc did something that some may see as a telltale sign of dishonesty: he touched his nose. As BelievingBruce put it, this isn't always a good indicator of whether or not someone is lying. It can, however, reveal that they're uncomfortable. And when someone is on the spot and touching their nose because they're uncomfortable, it could be because what you're getting isn't the whole truth.

Now, there's an elephant in the room that should be addressed when it comes to BelievingBruce's video: It assumed that whatever Dr Disrespect saw on his phone was directly connected to the eventual ban of his Twitch channel. Many have made that leap, likely because of the close proximity between the Doc's last stream and the ban taking effect. If that wasn't the case — if the Doc just got some entirely separate bad news — this entire argument falls apart.

If what the Doc saw was related to his Twitch ban, however, it's worth looking at all of this behavior as a whole and again thinking about how you might respond in a similar situation. If Twitch was shutting down your channel for seemingly no reason, you might be a little angry. You might appear flummoxed. You might stop what you're doing and try to sort everything out, or do whatever else to gain some clarity.


What Dr Disrespect seemed to show, above all else, was fear. If it was an email or a text message he received, he seemed to know what it meant. It didn't appear to take him by surprise. It was almost as if he'd been waiting for the other shoe to drop for quite some time. When it did, perhaps he realized he was facing a very uncertain future.

Dr Disrespect's one and only public statement since his ban claimed that Twitch hadn't told him "the specific reason behind their decision." There is just enough wiggle room there, however, for Dr Disrespect to possibly know the reason himself.

Does he? Only he and Twitch know that for sure. As soon as we learn anything about why the Doc was banned, though, we'll be sure to let you know.