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The Evidence For Xbox Series S Is Overwhelming

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are potentially neck and neck for the upcoming console generation. Want a stronger console backed by the power of an SSD? Both consoles can provide. Would you like backwards compatibility? You can't go wrong with either. Want to save money by purchasing a disc-less version? Well, that's a little more difficult since Sony announced the PS5 Digital Edition, and Microsoft has yet to reveal an analogous console. However, Microsoft still might have a possible trick up its sleeve.


The internet is host to quite a few next-gen console rumors, including the fabled Xbox Series S — sometimes called Xbox Lockhart. In case you haven't heard, this mythical console is believed to be a smaller and cheaper alternative that will let gamers play Xbox Series X games on a console that won't break the bank. Some question whether the Series S exists since Microsoft has said less than nothing on the matter, but there seems to be quite a bit of compelling evidence that the Xbox Series S is very much real. Take a look.

Developers have allegedly been briefed on the Xbox Series S

You can be sure a company is actually developing a device if you hear it from the horse's mouth. And, according to Kotaku, four people have come forward anonymously and claimed they were "briefed" on Microsoft's plans for the Xbox Series S. Who had the honor of summarizing their experiences? None other than Jason Schreier, which bumps the rumor's credibility up by 105%.


The Series S briefing didn't include anything like console pricing. Furthermore, Schreier stated Microsoft will mandate that games need to run on the Series X and less powerful Series S, which one developer reportedly likened to the PS4 Pro in terms of graphical power. On the bright side, the Series S will pack an SSD and a CPU that surpasses modern consoles.

While a Microsoft representative told Kotaku via email that the company won't "comment on rumors or speculation," Schreier's sources might be the final nail in the coffin for Xbox Series S denial. Unless, of course, Microsoft pulls the plug on the console at the last second.

Leakers claim to have found dev kit documentation and code for Lockhart

Game code and patch notes hide a wealth of secrets. For instance, players have found a treasure trove of cut Bloodborne enemies, bosses, and areas lounging in the unused portions of the game's code. Likewise, gamers have scoured documentation and lines of code and discovered a few choice sections that directly reference the Lockhart console.


One of the more compelling pieces of potential evidence is the supposed release notes for the June 2020 GameCore Development Kit, which isn't publicly available. It mentions "LockhartProfiling," "AnacondaProfiling," and "Scarlett Dev Kit." For those who don't know, "Anaconda" was the Xbox Series X's development codename, and "Scarlett" was the upcoming console generation's overarching codename. Since Anaconda and Lockhart are listed side by side under the "Scarlett Dev Kit," the dev kit notes add kerosene to the Series S rumor fire.

However, the leaks don't end there. Some people have supposedly uncovered code mentioning Lockhart hiding in the Xbox One OS and Windows OS. Plus, The Verge went digging and found a juicy bit of info: the Lockhart profiling mode from the leaked dev kit patch notes will utilize 7.5 GB of usable RAM and 4 teraflops of GPU. These are some very specific specs for a console that may or may not exist.


Microsoft may have had to delay the Series S reveal

The Xbox Series X was officially revealed in December 2019. You might assume that if Microsoft had any plans to reveal the rumored Xbox Series S, it would have done so already. Normally, you would be correct, but the world has been under the weather lately, with protests and the spread of the coronavirus. These unforeseen problems might have forced Microsoft to reschedule its plans.


According to sites like Eurogamer and VentureBeat, Microsoft originally planned to unveil the Xbox Series S during E3 2020, but when that expo was cancelled, the company had to give the announcement a rain check dated August 2020. Microsoft might pull a fast one and include a surprise Series S announcement during its upcoming July 23 Xbox Games Showcase, but Eurogamer and VentureBeat are confident August will be the month of the Series S. You will have to wait and see if the sites' predictions are accurate.