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The Untold Truth Of Destiny 2's Eramis

When Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion lands on November 10, it will include enough features to keep players busy for months, such as Darkness powers and the new explorable Europa zone. More importantly, the expansion will feature a new villain in the form of Eramis, the Shipstealer.


Like other villains throughout the Destiny franchise's history, Eramis has quite the backstory. Players shouldn't expect Zavala to spend a lot of time expositing Eramis' history, but you can find her documented past if you look in the right places. Here's what you need to know about Eramis.

Eramis is one of the last living nobles of the House of Devils

The Fallen House of Devils is a shadow of its former self. The House once was a major antagonistic force that threatened the Last City. However, a series of events killed virtually all of the House's nobles (the Red Legion invasion didn't help), and Eramis was one of the only high-ranking members to survive. So, how did the Baroness outlive the mighty Solkis, Kell of the House of Devils, who fell to the great Saint-14 with a single headbutt? Eramis waited out the fall of her House in prison.


During the Reef Wars, Eramis was captured and incarcerated in the Prison of Elders. She escaped during the massive prison break (the same one that resulted in Cayde-6's death) and has been at large ever since. While Eramis initially wanted to rebuild the House of Devils, she eventually moved on and started her own faction, complete with members of other Fallen Houses.

Eramis stands a disturbingly high chance of reunifying the scattered Fallen Houses, which might explain why she will star as Beyond Light's main antagonist.

Eramis tried to steal an exotic pulse rifle and SIVA nanotech

OG Destiny veterans might remember the weapon Outbreak Prime, and it returns in Destiny 2 as Outbreak Perfected. To obtain this remixed weapon, you need to complete a series of tasks that might require a walkthrough. Whether you finish the required quests on your own or with a guide, the final leg of your journey will unveil that Eramis tried to steal Outbreak Perfected. Well, her loyal captain Siriks tried to, but he did so under her orders.


According to Outbreak Perfected's lore, Eramis didn't just want the exotic pulse rifle, she wanted SIVA nanotech. For those of you who don't know, SIVA has been a poisonous thorn in players' sides since Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Warmind Rasputin weaponized SIVA and used it to wipe out the Iron Lords, and the Fallen later used SIVA to augment their bodies. No matter who employs it, SIVA always spells disaster for players. And now, Eramis is trying to get her hands on these evil nanomachines.

While Eramis' true intentions are a mystery, they likely aren't good if they involve SIVA.