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You Can Play As Ninja In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros. franchise has brought all kinds of characters from Nintendo's history together for one big battle after another. However, some modders have taken to adding characters to the game that come from outside the Nintendo realms. Now, one modder who goes by the handle CashClay has brought superstar streamer Ninja into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a mod that must be seen to be believed.


This was accomplished by taking the Ninja skin from Fortnite and placing it over Solid Snake's character model. While the title card at the top of the match still identifies the character as "Snake," there's no mistaking that blue hair and headband as belonging to anyone else. All in all, the skin is super impressive from a technical standpoint alone. There doesn't seem to be any clipping in the animation here, which makes the fight much more fluid that some mods allow — a must for hardcore Smash players. 

However, the inclusion of Ninja doesn't stop at a simple re-skin of Solid Snake. CashClay has also added in some other features to make the transformation complete, as well as a total treat for Ninja fans. Not only does Snake now look like Ninja, but he sounds like the streamer as well. CashClay has removed Snake's usual catchphrases and mid-combat grunts for sound clips of Ninja himself. There's something supremely enjoyable about seeing Ninja toss an exploding projectile while shouting, "Bam!" at the opponent. 


A clip of the character in action shows just how much fan players can have as Ninja. In the clip, Ninja goes up against Bowser, and the results are pretty hilarious. A few effects related to the character's move set have been altered as well. There are different sound effects for some of the moves, like a glider sound added when he double-jumps. However, it's the voice clips that really make this mod feel like a fun labor of love.

First off, at the start of the match, Bowser lets out a huge roar — while Ninja can be heard exclaiming, "Don't smash it, okay, don't smash it!" 

That's already pretty great, but there are some other clips that are even funnier. At one point, Ninja manages to grab the Smash Ball away from Bowser. With a dramatic toss of a grenade, the character immediately yells, "What am I doing?" 

There are also some general whoops and screams that replace Snake's normal vocal effects. The other great bit comes at the end of the match. After blasting Bowser out of the arena and securing his win, it cuts to Ninja's victory scene. Ninja shows off some kicks before striking a pose and deadpanning, "F—k you, kid."

It's genuinely hilarious, especially for fans of the streamer. And it seems the fans have really gravitated toward this mod. The majority of the comments on the YouTube clip are very positive. Sure, there are some people who don't understand why CashClay would put Ninja in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but most of the comments are from people commending the programmer on a job well done.


Many of the comments are focused on how smooth the mod looks when compared to some others. This is a great point. Even some of the most fun mods out there have come with some graphical issues. Remember that mod that put Shaggy from Scooby-Doo into Final Fantasy 15? It was a pretty great mod, but it left Shaggy with terrifying talons instead of fingers, for some reason. In stark contrast, this mod actually looks like the Ninja character model was designed for Smash all along. It's an impressive feat.

Some commenters are even making helpful suggestions for ways in which CashClay could improve the mod. For instance, one user recommends taking a partial clip of the announcer saying Greninja's name in order to have a proper "Ninja" announcement on the soundtrack. As it stands, the announcer still says "Snack wins" when Ninja takes home the victory.

CashClay also says that this mod garnered the attention of Ninja on Twitter, which made them very excited. This leads CashClay to the next logical step, according to the description on the mod listing: making a Smash skin for rapper and Presidential hopeful Kanye West. It's hard to imagine a character that could be any "Stronger" than Kanye, but CashClay seems willing to try.


While it's unlikely that we'll see any real celebrities added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in an official capacity, it looks like CashClay is really onto something fun here.