Far Cry 6 - What We Know So Far

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 6, the next entry in the well-loved open-world shooter franchise, on July 12. The series' last main installment, Far Cry 5, is known for its amazing graphics and is considered among the best games released in 2018, so people are plenty excited by the news.


Far Cry 6 actually leaked the Friday before Ubisoft's showcase, and the company soon acknowledged the news, posting a short teaser for its digital news conference that featured Far Cry 6 antagonist Anton Casillo, as played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. A couple days later, the publisher officially confirmed that the new game is coming during Ubisoft Forward.

The Far Cry series is among Ubisoft's biggest sellers — and now that it has officially confirmed that Far Cry 6 is coming, the anticipation can truly begin! Here's what we know right now.

Does Far Cry 6 have a release date?

Ubisoft has confirmed Far Cry 6 will launch February 18, 2021. That means it will release for the next console generation: the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. However, Ubisoft won't neglect the current systems. The title will also come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and players who purchase the game for either system will be able to upgrade to the corresponding next-gen console for no additional cost. You also have the option to purchase Far Cry 6 for Google Stadia or PC via the Epic Games Store, Uplay, and Uplay+. 


You can already pre-order the game, which unlocks access to a special Libertad pack with a Libertad outfit for Chorizo and a weaponized disc launcher called the Discos Locos. The standard edition, with the base game only, costs $59.99. The Gold edition, at $99.99, also includes a Season Pass. The Ultimate Edition includes the base game, the Season Pass, and an Ultimate Pack with the Jungle Expedition pack, Croc Hunter pack and Vice pack.

The Collector's Edition features the game, Season Pass, the Ultimate pack and some fun extras: a real-life replica of the in-game flamethrower Tostador, a page of "How to Assemble" artwork by artist Tobatron, and a Collector's Case based on Tobatron's art style. You'll also get an exclusive Steelbook, 64-page art book, 10 stickers, a Chorizo keyring, a map, and a soundtrack of selected music for the $199.99 price tag.


Does Far Cry 6 have a trailer?

Ubisoft released a four-minute World Premiere Trailer that packs a giant emotional punch. In it, dictator Anton Casillo walks into a room where his son Diego is putting together a model car ... and hands him a grenade. Then he pulls the pin.


The villain is teaching his child a lesson about being a leader while the city violently protests his regime. The preview is full of dramatic tension, atmospheric visuals, and moody music. Esposito's portrayal of the dictator is filled with a subtle menace. Though fans may not be able to help thinking of Esposito's previous turn as Breaking Bad's Gus Fring, Casillo or "El Presidente" could very well become a defining role for him.

Ubisoft has also revealed a cinematic trailer of the title sequence, which feels like the gorgeous opening of a retro TV show. Additionally, you can check out a video featuring interviews with Esposito and Anthony Gonzalez, who plays Diego.

Which characters will appear in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, gamers will take on the role of Dani Rojas, a revolutionary leader in the country of Yara who can be either male or female. Unlike previous Far Cry heroes, Rojas has deep connections to the setting and a more personal stake in the outcome.


Fans already know that Anton Casilla and Diego Casilla appear as a father-son team. Esposito, in an interview with Variety, explains his villain's motivations: "We meet him at a time where he's trying to empower his son to take up his mantle and really embrace ideas that would allow him to see that soon he will probably be the next leader in this country."

Additionally, the Fangs for Hire system from Far Cry 5 will return. This allows players to recruit animal assistance, such as Chorizo the "dangerously distracting wiener dog," as Ubisoft calls him.

What is the plot of Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 unfolds as dictator Casillo attempts to consolidate his power in a country that has been crippled by isolationist policies and outside economic sanctions. While the leader grooms his son to take over the nation of Yara, he builds his wealth on the backs of its citizens — a situation that doesn't sit well with revolutionaries who oppose Casillo's rule. These revolutionaries, branded as fake Yarans, are being divided and forced into labor camps.


Speculation exists on whether or not Rojas is the true subject of the game. For example, some fans wonder what Diego's ultimate role will be. There's even a theory out there that Far Cry 6 connects up with other games by telling the origin story of previous Far Cry 3 antagonist Vaas, who has a similar eyebrow scar to Diego Casilla according to a tweet from IGN's Joe Skrebels. Vaas was is voiced by Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad's companion series) actor Michael Mando. Mando has hinted recently that he'll be back in the role.

It'll be a long few months before fans know the truth, but there's already plenty of information available to speculate about.