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Bizarre Fan Theories About The Xbox Series X

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the start of the next console generation for quite some time now. With so much at stake and technology continuously pushing video games forward, players are excited to see what sorts of tricks Microsoft and Sony have up their sleeves. With everything that has been confirmed so far, it's promising to be a tremendous show. But beyond the details that have been verified, what other rumors are floating around about these machines?


Speculation runs amok whenever new consoles are on the horizon, and the lead-up to the arrivals of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X hasn't been any different. Word travels fast, and theories about the capabilities of each console have been popping up in every corner of the internet. With excitement at an all-time high, speculation is only increasing and is even starting to venture into some weird territory. The PS5 has already been covered on the Sony side, so now it's Microsoft's turn.

Here are some bizarre fan theories about the Xbox Series X.

Is Lockhart a portable?

The Switch was yet another revolution in gaming by Nintendo that offered gamers a new way to play. Could Microsoft possibly follow Nintendo's lead and offer a similar alternative to its Xbox Series X?


A user on Reddit believes that Microsoft's rumored Lockhart console could function much like the Switch. The foundation of this theory is that the Lockhart could utilize Microsoft's xCloud streaming service and potentially be played on the go or docked to your home television. Doing so would offer consumers two unique consoles at launch, giving them all the more reason to purchase both. It could be a genius strategy on Microsoft's part.

Another hint that this could be Lockhart's fate comes from a tweet by Matt Hargett, former principal engineer for the PS5, where he notes that its specs are plenty for a "modern portable." Francesco De Meo of Wccftech, however, believes "it's definitely more probable that [Hargett] is referring to a small form factor that lets players carry it around with ease."


At the end of the day, this one may just end up being another rumor, though fans will simply have to wait and see.

Recycled UI

Some fans are in denial after information surfaced about the UI for the next Microsoft console. While gamers have been largely kept in the dark for some time, a leak offered insight into the dashboard for the Xbox Series X. According to The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren, the Series X will use the same interface and menus as the Xbox One with some improvements under the hood, giving users a repeat of what they experienced in the previous console generation.


Despite Warren's confirmation that the dashboard will remain the same, fans continue to speculate what exactly this implies. Over on Reddit, one user believes that the operating system will "have new settings and features related to the new hardware," and thus won't be exactly what came before. Another is confident "there is a brand new OS for the store and dashboard that will be used on both [Xbox Series X and Xbox One]," and the OS players have now is not long for this world.

Another still, however, fears that the reused dashboard could mean that the Xbox Series X won't offer much in terms of new features and that the entire console itself will be more of a repeat experience. The person behind this comment goes on to compare the Series X to the PS5, and how the latter appears to be innovating while the former may be stuck in the past. It seems no one can be entirely sure what's in store until the Xbox Series X arrives.


The HDMI sticker debate

To remove or not to remove? That is apparently a question for many Microsoft fans when it comes to the stickers on Xbox consoles. And oddly enough, something as trivial as a sticker is enough to cause fan speculation, too.


Initially, a rumor set sail on Twitter that the Xbox Series X would have the big, unavoidable HDMI information sticker that consumers have seen on previous consoles. The tweet came complete with an image of the system bearing the infamous sticker. Jez Cordon, the Windows Central reporter who wrote the tweet, claimed to have received this information from a streamer named Robeytech. However, the rumor was swiftly buried by the head of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer.

It seems like such a detail would not matter and Spencer would have no reason to so quickly and abruptly deny the rumor. However, the HDMI sticker appears to have gained something of a cult following, with consumers divided on whether to remove it or leave it intact. Discussions often take place on Reddit as Xbox owners are faced with the truly existential decision of keeping the eyesore of a sticker or stripping their console of this adornment. Unfortunately for those involved in the conflict, it looks as though Microsoft made the decision for them.


No USB-C ports

USB-C is a growing standard that offers excellent versatility and speed. And considering how it doesn't matter which end you plug in, USB-C is a marked improvement from its predecessor. But a credible source is putting forth the possibility that this type of input may be absent from Microsoft's ultra-modern next-gen machine. Why on earth would USB-C be missing from the Xbox Series X?


Thurrott's Brad Sams did some digging to get an accurate gauge on what the input offerings would be for the Xbox Series X. Sadly, USB-C does not appear to be one of them. He asserts things could change and stresses how the market is moving away from USB-A to its more advanced successor. The Gamer's Sean Murray, however, seems to believe the ports aren't there. He questioned Microsoft on this possible omission, arguing that a console built to be the new standard of power and speed ought to have USB-C compatibility. 

Whether or not these rumors are true remains to be seen. If you're a fan of USB-C, though, you may have to live without it on the Series X.

The mystery port

When fans are starved for information, even something as small as a port will trigger speculation and discussion. After images of the Xbox Series X's input offerings were leaked, audiences were baffled by one port in particular that could not be identified.


An initial theory placed the port as an access point for running diagnostics, though its true function would later enlighten curious minds. Brad Sams of Thurott identified the elusive slot as proprietary storage expansion, but even then, uncertainty surrounded Microsoft's approach. With the presence of standard USB ports, the question remained as to whether consumers would still have the option to use traditional external storage devices or if they would be restricted to Microsoft's new proprietary technology. Another theory was that the slot could be used for CFExpress cards, though with prohibitive pricing, such a possibility seemed highly improbable.

Thurott's leak has since been confirmed and you can find images of the storage device, made by Seagate, on the official Xbox Series X page. These pictures show 1 TB cards, but will there be larger offerings? And what will all this cost? It's looking as though the fans will simply have to wait and see for themselves.


The Xbox cube?

Who can forget the small, loveable shape and design of the Nintendo GameCube? Would such a cute and compact look ever work in the hands of Microsoft? Perhaps the answer lies within the mysterious "Lockhart."


Microsoft has been withholding information on the Lockhart for quite some time, leaving plenty of room for fans and experts to fill in the gaps. A user on Reddit by the name of jiveduder created a hypothetical concept image, and those who were perhaps softened by nostalgia were quick to draw comparisons to the beloved GameCube. Sadly, such a possibility appears unlikely.

As Thurott reports, creating an internal architecture similar to the Xbox Series X would not be cost-effective if designed in a smaller form, making it less likely that the more affordable Lockhart hardware would be housed in a cube. Also, keeping with the practice of hiding new tech within shells of other devices, the Series X and Lockhart have probably been transported inside casings of different shapes. According to Windows Central's Jez Corden, the Lockhart will likely hit the market looking more like an Xbox One S. His conclusion is based on concept art and numerous sources.


The Sega comeback everyone's been waiting for

For a long time, fans have struggled to accept Sega's defeat in the console market. Hopeful rumors that a new console, a Dreamcast 2, would make its way to retailers have existed for years now and continue to this day. In fact, at one point there was a fairly preposterous rumor that the Xbox Series X would actually be rebranded as a new Sega system.


Promising an announcement from Sega as big as Wired's PS5 exposé, tech journalist Zenji Nishikawa (via Gematsu) resurrected hope for the fabled Dreamcast 2 launch, despite his denial of such a prospect. Only this time, a spin-off theory emerged that might be hard to believe.

Somehow, the mystery surrounding this announcement was entangled with Microsoft's next system, yielding some bizarre speculation that Japan would see the Series X as a Sega console because of how Xbox has underperformed in that market. Since the article teased by Nishikawa was released, this Sega/Microsoft partnership has been debunked, though it probably won't come as much of a surprise to most gamers. Forbes' Paul Tassi elaborated on how illogical such a strategy would be, noting that a name change wouldn't be enough to move more units. Sadly, fans may never see a new Sega console.


Full Steam ahead

Could a partnership between Valve and Microsoft be too good to be true? That is yet another rumor floating around, though sources are conflicted as to how believable it actually is.

LADbible's Ewan Moore appears to put faith in insider claims that Microsoft is looking to bring both Steam and the Epic Game Store to the Xbox Series X. These services would in theory be offered through a built-in Windows 10 OS. Moore claims that if this happens, it would do wonders to the console's appeal, expanding your gaming possibilities tenfold. While he admits that it's purely speculative, he cites Microsoft's mission to bring about a more centralized gaming experience as a reason to believe the theory. Considering everything the company has done to make its library more universal, seeing Steam and the Epic Game Store on the Series X becomes more plausible. 


TweakTown's Derek Strickland seems to think otherwise, arguing that Microsoft is still trying to maintain a distinction between its consoles and other services. He explains how Xbox systems are already using a simplified variation of Windows 10, which has intentional limitations. He also argues that it wouldn't make much sense for Microsoft to welcome competition on its own platform.

Microsoft purchasing Konami properties for the Series X

What is the future for Konami properties like Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear? According to one rumor from early 2020, Microsoft was very eager to buy all of them.

Initially, word around town was that Sony wanted to jump on the Silent Hill series. However, a website called Tech Plus Game reported that Microsoft wanted not only Silent Hills, but several other Konami franchises, too. A Reddit user by the name of DonSoLow was initially skeptical about this rumor, but then connected some dots, bringing him closer to believing it could be true. He referenced Series X game footage revealing two first-party properties (Halo and Forza) and a soccer game. Questioning why Microsoft would show off a third-party title, he then remembered Konami has its own soccer franchise, leading him to accept the rumor's plausibility.


Sadly, the reported announcement date came and went without any word that Microsoft had acquired all of Konami's properties. But who knows — perhaps such a move could take place in the future.