Here's How To Find The Golden Mushroom In Fortnite

All that glitters is not gold. Unless you play Fortnite, in which case the only items that glitter are gold, including mushrooms.

Recently, players have discovered Golden Mushrooms cropping up in matches. While the normal fungi replenish health, the legendary Golden Mushroom reportedly replenishes shields (although some claim it replenishes health and shields). Still, those mushrooms are exceedingly rare, so if you ever find one, you should try to enter the lottery since you clearly have preternaturally good luck.


If you have spent countless hours scouring Fortnite's infinitely repeating islands searching for a Golden Mushroom but have yet to find one, here's what you need to know to live out your dream of discovering a digital gleaming toadstool.

All you can do is keep searching ... or use Fortnite's Creative Mode

There is no trick to finding a Golden Mushroom, it just has a spawn rate of 0.0001%, or 1/10000. In other words, for every 9,999 mushrooms spawned in Fortnite, only one will be the coveted Golden Mushroom. Golden Mushrooms spawn anywhere mushrooms normally spawn. So, if you comb the game map during a match searching for a Golden Mushroom and don't find one, you probably won't find one that round. If you are still adamant on discovering the mushroom, you should finish your game, start another one, and hope the odds are in your favor.


However, if you want to find a mushroom and don't care about using it, you can always cheat the system and spawn mushrooms in Creative Mode. Start by setting down a consumables gallery, and then delete everything except the mushroom. Next, copy and paste the mushroom until one inevitably sports a golden hue. Voilà, you have a Golden Mushroom. Moreover, if you want more than one, you can copy the Golden Mushroom and spawn a near infinite number.

If patience isn't one of your virtues, however, you can always visit a player-made world that already features Golden Mushrooms.