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Everwild - What We Know So Far

Microsoft shared lots of fresh content during the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase. While the presentation received mixed reactions, there was still plenty of excitement to go around for titles like As Dusk Falls and Blizzard's new Skyrim-esque RPG, Avowed. Everwild, the latest IP from Rare unveiled during X019, also captured the world's attention with a new trailer.


Both Microsoft and Rare have given little away about Everwild, which will blend nature and magic. The developers want players to get lost in the world, but have established little else about how the title will work or even its genre. According to an interview with studio head Craig Duncan, Rare is still experimenting with ideas for the gameplay, which likely explains why it remains so tight-lipped. Even the team working on the game doesn't have all the details yet.

Despite the early state of development, Rare has established enough about Everywild to pique the internet's curiosity. Here's what we know so far.

What is the release date for Everwild?

Like the majority of the games arriving during the next console generation, Everwild has yet to receive a release date or even a release window. There is some good news though, at least for Xbox and PC gamers. Everwild will launch for Xbox Series X and Windows, and the official Xbox website distinguishes the title as "coming soon to Xbox Game Pass."


Despite the assurances of the listing, you shouldn't expect to have the opportunity to experience Everwild in the near future. When Rare unveiled Everwild in November 2019, Duncan made it clear the title had only entered the early stages of development. His interview with Polygon eight months later indicated it had yet to solidify into a full game concept as part of the studio's "idea-first" philosophy.

Given Everwild will forgo the Xbox One, instead launching as a Series X console exclusive, you can safely assume it won't arrive until Holiday 2020 at the earliest. However, a 2021-2022 release date seems far more likely.

Does Everwild have a trailer?

Everwild has received not one, but two cinematic trailers. Microsoft unveiled the game during XO19 with a brief Announce Trailer, providing the first look at Rare's artistic vision. The tranquil video highlights the co-existence of humans and a variety of magical creatures scattered across several breathtaking landscapes. From sun-drenched hills and mountains, to ethereal forests, Everwild seems to offer a diverse range of settings and species to encounter.


Microsoft expanded on this foundation with the Eternals Trailer, which premiered at the July Xbox Games Showcase. You get a glimpse of more stunning locales, including a waterfall, grassy plains, and a light display resembling the real-world northern and southern lights. More critters make an appearance as the cast traverses new locations, and you also see the setting's magic system come into play.

While it's still unclear what the plot and gameplay of Everwild will encompass, the voiceover included in the Eternals Trailer mentions several key concepts. The voice highlights "a perilous journey," the "symmetry of ritual," and the drive "to seek answers."

What is the plot of Everwild?

Like the release date and gameplay, Everwild's story remains shrouded in mystery. Each trailer, announcement, and interview continues to drive the emphasis on magic and nature home. According to Duncan, the game will explore questions like "What does it mean to nurture a world?" and "What does it mean to be in nature?" Similar to Sea of Thieves, the new IP will also encourage players to come together and create stories, indicating it might include a co-op element.


The Eternals Trailer offers a little more context. "Eternals" appears to refer to the humans shown throughout the cinematics, figures who can feel the rhythm of the world. Due to this sensitivity, the Eternals are tasked with nurturing the setting's wildlife. This task appears to involve travelling from place to place, observing the various creatures, healing or saving them, and conducting rituals. Some of the animals seem to contribute to this quest as well, felling trees or carrying supplies.