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Stalker 2 - What We Know So Far

The aftermath of radiation make for prime horror entertainment. You've seen what studios in Ukraine and the United States think will happen if radiation runs rampant, but thanks to the Xbox Games Showcase, audiences worldwide will get to experience another Ukrainian take on the dangers of nuclear disaster.


Stalker 2 is the sequel to the first three Stalker games, which would technically make it Stalker 4. Misleading title aside, the Xbox Series X version of Stalker 2 will mark the first time any Stalker title has launched on a non-PC platform — or launched in over a decade. Since you are probably in the dark on Stalker 2, you might want to know as much as possible about the franchise. Well, here's everything we've managed to dig up.

Is there a release date for Stalker 2?

Even though Stalker 2 premiered during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase, the presentation didn't provide a release date. Normally, this would render the above question unanswerable, but the game has an official website that both does and doesn't provide answers.


According to the website, the developers "are not ready to disclose the release date just yet." However, they encourage interested parties to keep their eyes trained on social media for future updates. Speaking of social media — a tweet from the developer back in 2018 seems to list the release date as 2021, though its possible those plans have changed.

Right now, all we know for certain is Stalker 2 will launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Game Pass. No word on if the game will receive a PlayStation 5 release, though.

Is there a trailer for Stalker 2?

The Stalker 2 trailer is available for everyone to see. While the video doesn't feature gameplay, it includes plenty of pre-rendered locations and assets that help newcomers get caught up on the game's world and lore. You'll notice vaguely familiar Eastern European architecture, all abandoned and worn down, as well as underground tunnels and research facilities that house horrific experiments. However, the main attraction of the trailer is Stalker 2's reality-defying anomalies.


The video displays three different anomalies, including hovering rocks in a playground, a floating pool of water that magnetically attracts nearby cars, and a rogue cloud of static electricity that goes berserk when anyone throws a metal bolt into it.

The trailer is designed to attract neophytes and inspire them to research what they saw in the video. Stalker fans, meanwhile, can just rattle off everything they recognize and hype themselves up for the franchise's new entry.

What is the plot of Stalker 2?

The FAQ on the official Stalker 2 website addresses the story question point blank with an intriguing answer. The game will apparently feature an "epic, non-linear story" where "choices will influence both short-term consequences and global outcomes." That's great and all, but what is the game narrative's end goal?


The games take place in an area known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It's an alternate take on the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and a second incident in 2006. Instead of just bathing the surrounding area in radiation, the nuclear meltdown also mutated reality. This resulted in deadly, reality-defying anomalies that can be detected — and avoided — by tossing metal bolts.

Backstabbing and government conspiracy seem to be the main course for the Stalker series. Moreover, each game features multiple endings determined by numerous factors, including traditional criteria such as supporting certain factions and making unusual decisions like hoarding money.

The franchise has a history of utilizing non-linear storytelling that emphasizes decisions and their short and long-term consequences. Stalker 2 will continue this trend.