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Things Are Getting Worse For Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has been out for several months now, but it's still running into many of the same problems it had at launch. While players have found some weird ways of exploiting the game without outright cheating, there are still plenty of players out there who are straight-up hacking the game. It's actually gotten quite absurd at this point.


A clip posted to Reddit by user StreamingRightNowHD allegedly shows one of these very aimbot programs in use. The clip was captured during a stream by SupershamanTV. After tossing a flashbang into a shed, SupershamanTV goes to fire upon a player running out of the shed. SupershamanTV's crosshairs appear to be seen snapping to the door behind the exiting soldier, apparently locking onto a player behind the door that couldn't possibly have been seen at that moment. According to StreamingRightNowHD and at least one commenter in the thread, this streamer has had numerous complaints lodged against him in the past.

The most frustrating part, as pointed out by StreamingRightNowHD, is that not only has this person not been banned from Warzone, but he is also a Twitch affiliate. Having that large of a platform and still using cheats (if they are in fact cheating) sets a pretty bad example for players joining a game that is already rife with cheaters. However, it has been pointed out that while the video looks pretty bad, it's not entirely conclusive.


Regardless, the complaints seen in this thread alone stand as a stark reminder that cheating has become a recurring issue in Call of Duty: Warzone. It's at the point where people are blatantly doing it without facing any consequences. As one Twitter user put it, people are essentially daring Infinity Ward to do something about it at this point. This person tweeted, "Warzone cheating is becoming a joke at this point [that people are naming themselves] 'BanMe' 'NiceAntiCheat' and they don't get banned."

In stark contrast, other games are apparently doing rather well in the fight against cheats. Riot Games is offering $100,000 to anyone who can successfully hack Valorant's anti-cheat software. This is being done in order to find loopholes and properly combat cheaters. On the same token, Epic Games has publicly banned high profile players like FaZe Jarvis for using aimbot software. So why is there such a problem with keeping cheaters out of Call of Duty: Warzone?

Infinity Ward is apparently well aware of the amount of cheating that has been occurring in Warzone. In a recent Twitter post, Infinity Ward cautioned players against any form of cheating in the future. The post read, "Cheating will not be tolerated. More banwaves are coming. If you receive a ban it is for unauthorized manipulation of game data."


The post also told players that they would receive bans if they were caught using any kind of unauthorized 3rd party software. As the post explained, "Unauthorized 3rd party software includes, but is not limited to, aimbots, wallhackers, trainers, stats hacks, texture hacks, leaderboard hacks, injectors, hex editors, or any software used to deliberately modify game data or memory. Don't do it. This may result in being banned." 

In other words, Infinity Ward also wanted to caution people from downloading anything that would alter the game. Even if a player did so without completely realizing it was a hack, it would be recognized as such and would likely result in a ban.

Despite this message, fans remain skeptical that anything will change in the near future. One fan, Twitch streamer Rxckefeller, tweeted that the biggest issue with keeping cheaters out of Warzone is that it is far too easy for someone to simply create a new account and log back into the game after having one account banned. Rxckefeller then went on to express the feeling that Infinity Ward should have expected this level of cheating in a free-to-play title and compensated with a stronger anti-cheat system.

Back in April, Infinity Ward announced that it had already banned over 50,000 accounts from Warzone for various forms of cheating. This was thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group that Infinity Ward has assigned to catch different hacking software. That announcement was definitely a welcome one for fans of the game, but it apparently wasn't enough to get the job done. Despite the staggering number of bans carried out by Infinity Ward's anti-cheat division, cheaters are still running rampant throughout the game. 


Hopefully Infinity Ward can truly get the cheating under control. Call of Duty: Warzone is a fun game, but it is quickly becoming too frustrating for gamers  who want to play by the rules. As one fan and Twitch streamer recently summed the situation up on Twitter, "Warzone is gonna die if they don't fix the cheating issue."