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Here's How To Find Diamond Island In Paper Mario: The Origami King

The distinctive, brightly colored, open-world vibe of Nintendo's latest Mario game makes it easy to get lost — but if you're playing Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of the locations you'll need to find eventually is Diamond Island in the Great Sea. There, you'll have to make it through three trials to obtain the orbs of Power, Wisdom, and Courage that will get you into the Sea Tower.


But first, you're going to need to figure out how to enter Diamond Island, which is not at all obvious. The game features 11 islands — and until you've been there, the hidden, sunken Diamond Island doesn't show up on your chart. So, how do you find it? And once you reach it, how do you get in, anyway?

Ultimately, there are a few steps to getting to Diamond Island, but you can omit one. Here's how to do it. Warning: some of these steps are spoilers, so if you don't want to dilute your fun, don't read this first!

Getting access to the Great Sea and finding clues

About halfway through Paper Mario: The Origami King, you'll gain access to all of the Great Sea. Do this by first going to Bonehead Island. On your chart, this is on the G-5 square. Find the Winged Toad Statue: once you do, a giant fan will appear to clear the fog off the sea. This will finally allow you to explore the area, completing your first step to getting to Diamond Island.


Then, collect clues that will tell you how to triangulate its location. It's easy, if you visit the Heart, Club, and Spade Islands first. Each has a Winged Toad Statue which will give you a clue that points to Diamond Island.

The clues point right into the center of your chart. You'll quickly find that Diamond Island is in the middle of the other card-suit islands. However, finding these clues to pinpoint the exact coordinates of Diamond Island is optional. You could also go straight to D-3 on your map. This isn't a location that moves, so once you get there you're all set.

How to get access to Diamond Island

Once you've found the spot, you'll need a key to get into Diamond Island.

You can obtain the key by going to Crescent Island at F-3 on your map. Get your fishing pole out and catch a Sidestepper (a crab-like creature in the ocean). This allows you to activate a Magic Circle and use the Earth Vellumental. After you complete this step, Crescent Island becomes Full Moon Island. You'll also find a chest with the Mushroom Handle.


Once you've gotten to Mushroom Island, you'll find a house where Luigi happens to be vacationing. Chat with him as he's relaxing, and he'll give you the key. To leave the island, you'll have to go to the basement. Hit the bookshelf on the left with a hammer, jump on Luigi to get up to the book, and use the Magic Circle to free the Origami Craftsman.

Now you can head to the location of Diamond Island, use your D-pad to dive down and use your key. You're in!