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Xbox Gives Cryptic Response To White Controller Leak

Earlier this week, a very peculiar picture was posted to Reddit and went viral. The picture seemed to depict a white Xbox Series X controller that the Redditor says they saw at an Xbox employee's home. This picture came as a surprise to many fans. All of the marketing related to the Xbox Series X so far has shown the console to feature an all-black color scheme.


At the time, The Verge reached out to Microsoft for comments on the controller. The response received by The Verge was essentially Microsoft declining to comment, but the wording of this particular statement is interesting. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge, "We have nothing further to share at this time."

While that is definitely refusal to engage on the surface, the way it's worded also makes one wonder if that means Microsoft will have something to share at a later date. At the very least, it seems like Microsoft would outright say that the controller wasn't real if that were the case. There is plenty of speculation pointing to this controller being part of an official announcement regarding the Xbox's oft-rumored all-digital Lockhart console. If that's the case, then maybe Microsoft is just waiting until the time is right for a full announcement.


It has been theorized that the small white version of the Series X that this Redditor claimed to have seen may have actually been a dev kit of some kind. In that case, the console would have been meant for testing purposes and it wouldn't necessarily reflect the final design of the Series X.

However, it's also worth remembering that Xbox employees have been given white versions of classically black consoles before now. Back in 2013, Microsoft gifted employees specially-made white Xbox One consoles. This was done specifically for employees working for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division. In other words, it was a limited edition gift given to the people who helped make the Xbox One a reality. This particular edition had an engraving on it that said "I made this." There's a chance that this Redditor stumbled upon such a gift that was meant to be kept under wraps.

On the other hand, the model seen by the Reddit user who snapped a picture of the white controller was not described as having any such engravings. There's still a chance that this white Series X (or whatever it is) may turn out to have been a present like that white Xbox One, but it sure seems like Microsoft's spokesperson would have cleared that up if it were the case.


Then again, maybe all of the speculation is simply that. Until Microsoft issues any kind of definitive statement regarding this mysterious white controller, people will most likely continue to throw their own theories out instead. That's exactly what is currently happening on social media. 

Some people are already taking Microsoft's refusal to clearly comment on the matter as confirmation that this controller is related to an unannounced system. Many believe this means that the Xbox Lockhart (commonly referred to as the "Series S" by some) is on its way and will sport this white color scheme to further differentiate it from the Series X. Others have speculated that Microsoft wants to find out who originally leaked the controller design before they issue any kind of statement on the matter. Another interesting theory that has popped up a few times is the idea that Xbox purposefully leaked the design. This would allow the company to gauge people's reactions to the "leak" as part of a sneaky bit of marketing research. In other words, people's theories are all over the map when it comes to this thing.

Recent rumors have also suggested that Xbox is planning another big showcase event for the upcoming console. In fact, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has hinted that we should be expecting some more Series X news in August. Whether this will take the form of another livestream like the recent Xbox Games Showcase is unclear. One thing is for sure, though: when it comes to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft clearly still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. 


The Xbox Series X isn't the only next-gen system to have had its design aesthetics called into question this week, however. Another purported leak on social media seemed to indicate that the PlayStation 5's outer shell may be removable, allowing for further customization of the PS5. In much the same way that Microsoft has been sidestepping questions about the white controller, PlayStation hasn't weighed in at all on the subject of this leak.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on the developing mystery surrounding this white controller.