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The Untold Truth Of The One Percent Fortnite Team

It all started when several high-profile Fortnite players decided to branch off and start their own content creation group. Randumb, Nicks, Kiwiz, and Formula were previously part of Luminosity Gaming. When their contracts with Luminosity ended in June 2020, it led fans to wonder what would happen next in their esports careers. Right on schedule, a countdown began June 29 on the new Twitter account, @OnePercentHQ. On July 5, the freshly minted team, including Razz and Aeolus, posted a YouTube video showing the six members of One Percent, along with their impressive digs.


The organization already knows where its priorities should be: merch! It started its new venture with a three-day only sale of exclusive t-shirts and hoodies for early adopters. The team has also been soliciting new members and content creators to help them out with their new venture. The group's YouTube page had just shy of a million subscribers at the time of this writing, so they're definitely on their way.

One Percent may be new to the scene, but that doesn't mean its members don't have history. Here are a few details you may not know about these elite gamers.

One Percent purchased its multi-million dollar house without help from investors

One Percent showed off its new multi-million dollar mansion in the group's first video. The One Percent Fortnite House has all the amenities a gamer could wish for, ranging from a kitchen coffee station to an infinity hot tub and lighted pool just outside. It also features a movie theater, gaming room, and a grand piano that has been played by the likes of Frank Sinatra.


"We actually purchased this multi-million dollar property. Thanks to all of you guys for watching our videos and supporting us through the years, we were able to buy this house with our own cash — no investors, completely self-funded. Everything you see here we paid for ourselves," Formula divulged at the start of the video.

The team also shared a look at its cars, which Nicks says they've been collecting "over the last few years." The collection includes Lamborghinis, a Tesla, and a limited edition Dodge Viper.

Four One Percent members have been in several content houses together

The four core members of this group — Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, and Randumb — go way back. In 2016, they were part of another content house called Red Reserve Gaming House — playing not Fortnite, but Call of Duty games. That house was a bit humbler than their current digs, but it was also fan-funded, with companies sponsoring custom decorations and computer setups suitable for professional gamers.


In 2018, the Red Reserve organization, which had merged with Orbit Esports in 2017, cut ties with the Red House. It cited a "sense of entitlement" leading to a relationship that "began to rot" and wished the house members luck, including Gandhi (who later became Kacz) and Rave. In 2018, Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, and Randumb did a stint at Obey Alliance, creating content with the Obey Florida House and the Obey House in Texas with another future One Percent member, Aeolus.

In mid-2019, Luminosity Gaming welcomed the four gamers to its roster on Twitter and the LG Fortnite House was born. Razz, another future One Percenter, was also in the LG house. With their year-long contract with Luminosity up, it appears the initial four — joined by friends they've met along the way — have moved on to new pursuits.