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This Warzone Loadout Has Fans Obsessed With The FAL

The assault rifle is Call of Duty: Warzone's workhorse weapon. Deadly at almost any range with high fire rates and damage potential, there are few firefights that wouldn't benefit from an assault rifle. Plus, Warzone boasts more assault rifles than any other weapon type even before you take into account all the loadout builds that either amplify or outright transform weapons in the game.


Take the FAL, for example. Some gamers love this weapon because it can quickly liquify armor and KO opponents at near-sniper ranges, and recent buffs have elevated its already phenomenal killing power. However, even though the FAL's vanilla configuration is powerful, there is always room for improvement. Many players concoct their own weapon loadouts, but every now and then someone builds a weapon blueprint that takes the internet by storm, and someone did just that with the FAL.

If you want to discover a special FAL build that will give you the edge in Warzone, keep reading.

Turn the FAL into a superior SMG

Most Warzone players use the FAL as a long-range destroyer since it out-ranges other assault rifles. However, recent Warzone patches have given the FAL a close-range buff, specifically a "damage shelf" that grants one-hit kill headshot potential. Warzone streamer Swagg decided to take advantage of this point-blank destructive capacity and build the ultimate close-range FAL.


Swagg's FAL loadout requires four specific modifications, the first of which is the muzzle of champions: the Monolithic Suppressor. This FAL build also uses the 13.0 OSW Para barrel for easier aiming and faster movement. Additionally, the OSW Para also negatively affects gun recoil, but that is mitigated by the Commando Foregrip, which improves aiming. Swagg ties the weapon together with the No Stock option since it improves player movement and aim down sights speeds.

Now, here is where the build divides. Swagg uses a perk instead of a fifth mod, and while he recommends Sleight of Hand to reload the weapon faster, he also suggests Burst to give the FAL a three-round burst fire mode. Either option is viable.


A few caveats, however — while Swagg's custom FAL is essentially an SMG in assault rifle clothing, he recommends it only be used as a secondary weapon, which means you must also employ the Overkill perk. And, since the FAL requires 5.56mm rounds, wielding another assault rifle with the same ammo will quickly drain your ammo reserves — and your chances of winning.