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Dr Disrespect Unveils His Masterpiece

While Dr Disrespect drummed up some impressive viewership numbers in his return to streaming on YouTube, the Two Time Champion didn't stop there. It appears as though the Doc is poised to leave his mark on Hi-Rez Studios' popular new shooter, Rogue Company.


In a clip posted to his Twitter feed, the Doc decided to show off a 3D model of The Arena, a Rogue Company map he designed himself. The stage itself has a very '80s vibe to it, which is entirely appropriate when considering who designed it. The interiors are covered in white tiles with black and red platforms, keeping the Doc's usual color scheme intact. The model also features plenty of outcroppings and various bits of cover that players can duck behind. All in all, it looks very much on-brand for the Doc, particularly with all of the palm trees sprucing up the outdoor sections of The Arena.

The inspiration for The Arena seemed to come about almost immediately upon the Doc's return to streaming on YouTube. During the Doc's first full week back in the streaming game, he seemed to very quickly gain momentum, not to mention a new partner in Rogue Company. After being urged by fans to check out Hi-Rez's Rogue Company, he very quickly came to the conclusion that he wanted to design a map for the game. He quickly (and rather publicly) reached out to the Rogue Company team and expressed his interest. Within 24 hours, he had the schematics for The Arena posted on Twitter. He also had Hi-Rez's attention, as the developer told the Doc that he would receive all of the resources he needed to bring his creation to life.


There are actually a few reasons to believe that this partnership between the Doc and Rogue Company may have existed prior to his first public offer to design The Arena. Mainly, the clip of the 3D model bears the official Rogue Company logo along with the Doc's own famous mustachioed insignia. It's highly unlikely that Hi-Rez would allow the Rogue Company logo to be placed on something like this without having reviewed it first. Still, even if this all turns out to be some clever publicity stunt that the Doc and Hi-Rez worked out in private, it's been a fun series of interactions for fans to witness. 

As the Doc showed off The Arena during his stream, he discussed some of his ideas and concerns when it came to the design. "I just wonder if it's going to be too small," said the Doc. "You know? ... The intention was to make it small, the action is a lot faster."

According to the Doc, he designed the map to have plenty of open spaces, which would in turn encourage gamers to make split-second decisions. He didn't want to encourage a whole lot of "waiting around," instead laying out The Arena in a way that would force players to immediately dive into action upon arrival.

He told his audience that now all he had to do was wait for Hi-Rez's approval. "We'll see," said Dr Disrespect. "We'll see what they think."


For a streamer who has built pretty much their entire online persona around being extremely confident at all times, it was kind of surprising to see the Doc seem a little bit nervous while showing off his creation. After all, The Arena represents his first high profile video game design work in years. He previously designed maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Luckily for the Doc and his fans, he didn't have to wait long for a response from Hi-Rez. Shortly after posting the 3D model of The Arena to his Twitter account, he received a response from the official Rogue Company Twitter account.

"No one does it better Doc, this map is already looking like the peak of the mountain and we aren't even halfway done," replied Rogue Company. "You wrote the book on Violence, Speed, and Momentum and The Arena brings it. Consider your application received." The tweet also stated that discussions would begin with the game's lead designer, Scott Lussier, on how to proceed with the construction of The Arena.

In other words, it's looking like The Arena may be making its debut in Rogue Company in the very near future. Fan response to The Arena's design has been positive, with some people already asking when The Arena will be open for business. While there doesn't seem to be an ETA on that front, fans can probably look forward to plenty of updates from the Doc during the map's development.