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The Final Fantasy 8 Mystery That Remains Unsolved Today

The Final Fantasy universe is full of unsolved mysteries and fan theories. But while it's true that Final Fantasy 7 gets the bulk of the attention due to its popularity, the game that followed it also left fans with questions.


Final Fantasy 8, according to the Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki, centers around a character named Squall, who is "a cadet in a military academy called Balamb Garden." Squall's mission is to become a SeeD, which is "a mercenary who can wield magic with the aid of magical beings known as Guardian Forces." As Squall embarks on this journey — meeting plenty of allies and foes along the way — the player is sometimes dropped into dream sequences where they play as another character named Laguna Loire.

Who exactly is Laguna Loire? And why is Squall having dreams that star this strange individual? Here is one popular theory about this mystery fans are still trying to crack.

Is Laguna Squall's father?

Plenty of Final Fantasy fans have taken a stab at various unexplained story elements, including who Laguna Loire might be and what might connect him to Squall. The Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki offers up an interesting idea, though, citing what it believes is "heavily implied" in the game. According to the Wiki, Laguna Loire may be none other than Squall's father, which could help offer an explanation for their dream world bond.


As the Wiki puts it, "When Laguna left Winhill, [his wife] Raine was pregnant, and after her death both the baby and [her adopted daughter] Ellone were taken to Edea's orphanage, which is where Squall grew up." On top of that, there are beings called Moombas in the world of Final Fantasy 8. Moombas "can recognize people after having tasted or smelled their blood," and one Moomba in the D-District Prison area of the game identifies Squall's blood as Laguna's. Interesting.

Unfortunately, this theory has yet to be confirmed. And seeing as Final Fantasy 8 originally released back in 1999, it's safe to say whoever knows for sure might intend to keep the true identify of Laguna Loire secret forever.