The Secret GTA Online Mission Everyone Missed

Grand Theft Auto Online is updated pretty constantly with new content and missions, which helps to keep the game fresh. It's also expected to receive some updates to its map when the next-gen version of the game launches next year. In the meantime, however, a secret mission has seemingly been discovered by a group of dataminers. And unlike many of the other missions within GTA Online, this mission is particularly out of this world.


That's right; this recently uncovered mission involves aliens. The new mission was discovered within the files of the game's latest Summer Special update. That update brought a ton of fun new elements to the table, including plenty of new cars and some new seafaring co-op missions. All in all, the Summer Special update added so much new content that it's hard to believe that there's a ton of stuff still hidden.

However, a group of hackers who call themselves The Game File Gurus found the model of a UFO in the Summer Special update file. Confused by the presence of a starship, The Game File Gurus continued to look into the matter. What they discovered was an entire secret mission involving the theft of spaceship parts. Tucked away within a huge hangar in the Fort Zancudo military base, the Gurus saw the giant UFO model they'd found earlier, along with the previously mentioned alien tech. The mission involves bringing these spaceship parts back to Omega, a character who sends GTA 5 character Franklin on a series of alien-centric missions during the story mode of GTA 5.


A playthrough of the mission can be seen in a video uploaded by The Game File Gurus. In a particularly impressive visual moment, the player can be seen stepping into the hangar and viewing the massive spaceship inside. The ship has a really interesting design that gets slightly more complex than a classic flying saucer.

The weird thing about this UFO mission (aside from the fact that it exists, of course) is that The Game File Gurus can't seem to figure out how to trigger the mission without hacking. According to the group, they're not sure if the mission is actually supposed to be active within the game. 

Sadly, it could be that this particular mission is destined to remain a piece of canceled GTA content that somehow managed to remain buried in the game's code. This has happened in the past with missions like "The Truth Is Out There," which was cut from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and likewise involved sneaking onto a military base full of alien secrets. However, with things like the very design of the ship looking so impressive, it's hard to believe that Rockstar would ditch the mission entirely.

The presence of aliens is surprisingly not a new thing for the Grand Theft Auto series. In fact, there have been tons of supernatural occurrences in the games over the years. Players have found everything in the games from Bigfoot to ghostly graffiti, so visitors from another world don't seem entirely out of the question at this point. 


In fact, it seems that Rockstar loves to tease fans with extraterrestrial life every couple of years. Back in 2017, players found another alien mission that was hidden within GTA Online. The mission was first discovered by dataminers, who could only access the alien encounter through hacking. However, they later figured out how to access the mission through legitimate means. 

After completing 601 gunrunning missions in the game, players have to start a Supply Run mission between 10 pm and 11 pm. This will trigger a mission that can only be done once. Players will be sent to a crashed flying saucer and tasked with retrieving alien eggs from inside. No, really. Then they'll have to deal with the protective alien parents who show up to get the eggs back. It's a weird and wild mission, even by Grand Theft Auto standards. However, it set the tone for further bizarre side quests to be unlocked, much like the one that has recently been revealed.

There's one more interesting thing that has been noted about the UFO discovered by The Game File Gurus. It is apparently much larger in size than the one that was previously found in 2017. That seems to suggest that the alien shenanigans may actually be ramping up within GTA 5. Maybe the next update will let players purchase a UFO for themselves and their crew? While the truth of this latest alien discovery is still out there, it's fun to think about what it could mean for the future of the game.