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You've Been Playing Sam Fisher All Wrong In Rainbow Six Siege

Sam Fisher, the star of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell franchise, hasn't seen a lot of action in his premier series recently. He has, however, enjoyed cameos in Ubisoft's other Tom Clancy games, including the Aug. 24, 2020 Operation Shadow Legacy update for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. With the patch, Fisher joined the attacker team as the operator known as Zero.


Though Fisher is officially a member of the Rainbow Six team, he doesn't quite have the dexterity he used to. Thanks to a combination of age and video game logic, he plays like other operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Even so, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve you might not know how to utilize to their fullest. So, here's a few tips and tricks to help you improve your Sam Fisher game in Rainbow Six Siege.

Assuming Wamai's Mag-NET System destroys the Argus Launcher camera

Fisher's signature gadget is his Argus Launcher, which can shoot up to four cameras that can scan the room and fire a one-use laser that disables virtually any opposing gadget. These cameras can also burrow into walls, ceilings, and floors and give players two vantage points. Of course, developers had to implement several Achilles' heels to make sure the Argus Launcher wasn't too overpowered, and one of those weaknesses is a vulnerability to Wamai's Mag-NETs and Jäger's ADS.


Initially, the Mag-NET and ADS function identically: both gadgets intercept and redirect projectiles. However, as noted by YouTuber coreross, the ADS will destroy the Argus Launcher camera but the Mag-NET will not. The camera will dig into its new location and remain active, so it can still be used for intel gathering (assuming someone doesn't shoot it first). Better yet, it will waste the Mag-NET, which leaves you or a partner free to toss out another (potentially more fatal) projectile.

Then again, if you fire a camera and it is automatically destroyed, that will indicate you're dealing with a Jäger and his ADS. Sometimes, the best way to gather intel and deplete the enemy's arsenal is making them show their hand.


Trying to destroy Evil Eyes and Welcome Mats with the camera laser

When you destroy your first gadget with the Argus Launcher camera, you might get the idea that one shot equals one destroyed gadget. Never has it been more easy to turn a Volcán Shield against Goyo. But ... hold your horses there, cowboy, because that's not how Sam Fisher's cameras work.


The camera laser isn't programmed to insta-destroy gadgets. Instead, it deals a tiny amount of damage, almost negligible if you shoot an opponent or a more durable gadget, such as Frost's Welcome Mats and Maestro's Evil Eye turrets. The laser doesn't deal enough damage to scuff the mats, and the laser likewise harmlessly bounces off the turret's outer casing. However, if Maestro's turret is open and firing, a well-placed Argus Launcher camera can have a clear shot for the turret's exposed inner workings, which will let you dismantle the gadget without risking life or limb.

Of course, the Argus Launcher can be destroyed by a single bullet, so here's hoping your trigger finger is faster than that of the opposing Maestro's.


Not using the Argus Launcher as a "stud finder"

Sam Fisher's Argus Launcher sets itself apart from other mountable cameras by boring into any surface it hits and popping a second camera onto the other side, unless something impenetrable gets in the way of the camera drill. Then, you would only receive one vantage point instead of two. How do you know if the drill will penetrate your target? That's where the Argus Launcher unintentionally shines.


Thanks to video game logic, the Argus Launcher's targeting reticle tells you if the camera will go all the way through. You can use this while sweeping a wall, floor, or even ceiling, because if the Argus Launcher won't penetrate an object, your bullets won't either. The reticle won't tell you what's in the way, just that something is in the way.

This feature doesn't give Sam Fisher x-ray vision, but it lets you gather intel with the Argus Launcher without even using it.