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This Wipeout Clone Has Fans Talking

Once upon a time, warp speed racing was all the rage. Games like F-Zero started the trend in the early '90s, and the Wipeout franchise kept things rolling by taking the genre into full 3D a few years later. If you wanted to watch your surroundings become a blur as you rocketed around the race track, these were the games to play. Unfortunately, titles like F-Zero and Wipeout aren't all that common anymore. One could argue they've run — or raced — their course.


Then again, maybe racing fans are thirsty for something like the F-Zeros and Wipeouts of old, and that's why a more recent game is starting to get a lot of attention. Just like the titles that came before it, this newer project is all about lightning speed, gravity-defying courses, and — as its producer said in a statement to VGR – "multiplayer mayhem." And it turns out there's a reason many are comparing this title to Wipeout in particular. If you have a soft spot in your heart for that franchise, here's why you should give Pacer a look.

Pacer is a spiritual successor to Wipeout 3

Pacer is, as VGR puts it, a "long-in-development Wip3out successor." And if you're wondering why Pacer might be referred to as a follow-up, the answer is very simple: the same studio that worked on 1999's Wipeout 3 (or Wip3out, if you must) is the same studio behind this modern incarnation. If you enjoyed flying around at breakneck speeds in the third Wipeout, you have Psygnosis Leeds to thank. And if you're really itching to play a game that brings back that adrenaline rush, Psygnosis Leeds will try to have your back once more when Pacer arrives.


And when can you play Pacer, you ask? As VGR noted in its piece, Pacer has a release date of Sept. 17, 2020. For those who grew up with the fast arcade action of Wipeout and games like it, that date can't come soon enough.