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Things You Should Avoid Doing In League Of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most beloved MOBAs and is played all around the world. The last time League developers Riot Games reported on their numbers, the player base was around 67 million; in 2015, according to CNBC, the game earned $1.6 billion. Those are some pretty high numbers, so we can understand if you're a newbie and are feeling a little overwhelmed about trying it out, but don't worry: we've prepared a little primer on things to avoid doing in League of Legends to help make your experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

Don't go AFK

This seems like a no-brainer, but we still have to say it. Don't go AFK (away from keyboard) and leave your team hanging. When you sit down to play a game of League, be prepared to stay in it for the moderate-to-long haul. Matches can take about an hour, so don't jump in if you need to check on dinner, watch a child, or anything else that could force you to step away from the computer. It's rude to your teammates, it makes you look like a bad player, and you'll probably get booted. It's a bit of a commitment to sit down and play League, so be prepared to give it your undivided attention. Also, you'll probably get penalized if you go AFK and get disconnected too many times, all thanks to Riot Games' LeaverBuster.

Don't feed the enemy team

If you're a new player, the term "feeding" might be strange to you. While most players have different definitions of the word, the base concept is that you "feed" the enemy team by dying to them over and over, giving them more gold and experience while leaving your team weaker and underpowered. If you keep traveling down the same lane knowing there's an enemy champ that can trounce you there—and does so every time—then you're feeding the enemy team. Do everyone a favor and hang back, staying with your team and waiting for a team fight. This handy guide on feeding will help you better understand the concept.

Don't stay silent

As with any multiplayer game that's played online, communication between teammates can mean the difference between glorious victory and the crushing weight of defeat. We understand that sometimes people can get a little mic-shy, especially if they're new and they can hear some of the more experienced players chatting over the comms, but you shouldn't be afraid to put yourself out there and let people know what you're doing, what you've observed, and even offer up your own bits of advice. We know some communities include toxic players who attempt to troll others or shut newer players out with bullying behavior, but letting your voice be heard is still important. Sona would be proud of you, Summoner!

Don't jump into a fight when you're heavily outnumbered

This ties in with that whole "feeding the enemy" concept. If you're going up a lane and see three enemy champs heading your way but you have your ultimate available, don't think for a second that you're going to get in their faces and wreak havoc. Your team will suffer the loss of a potentially useful member and your enemies will grow stronger as a result. We appreciate your confidence, but trust us—you're more useful sticking with your team, helping gank and clear camps if you're a jungler, and otherwise acting in a support role instead of pulling a Rambo.

Don't play while "tilted"

The phenomenon known as becoming "tilted" refers to when you're so angry or fed up that it affects your performance. This can happen in a game or real life, and it's a problem either way. When you're tilted, you make stupid decisions (and then probably blame your shortcomings on everybody else). You can end up in a cycle of losing games—failing because of your tilt, and then becoming even more tilted as a result. For some handy tips on avoiding this pitfall, check out YouTube's ScrapComputer (via Polygon). We're only human, and this kind of thing is bound to happen every once in a while—especially with a game like League of Legends, in which lengthy matches can end in agonizing defeat. Just keep your cool and stay level-headed out there.

Don't just stick with one champion

If you stick with just one champion, you're going to have a rough time adapting to all of the other champs that want to beat you down. As Yannick LeJacq said on Kotaku, "the best way to learn up on a specific champion is to play five, ten, even 20 games with them at a time." If you play different champions at that level of frequency, you'll better understand their strengths and weaknesses and they won't seem as big of a threat. It's said that knowledge is power—use your knowledge of different champions to shut them down or effectively counter them. With 132 current champions available in the game, you have your work cut out for you.

Don't teleport back to the spawn to buy items when your team needs you

Teleporting back to the spawn to pick up a new item is tantamount to abandoning your team and sacrificing them to the God of Outnumbered Fights. While it might seem like a good idea to get yourself that one item that'll boost your stats just the way you want, it's also important to remember that team fights are five on five; if you leave your team, they'll be stuck at a disadvantage and will likely die. Plus, once the enemy is done mopping up your team, they'll probably come gunning for you—and if you though four on five was rough, just imagine the fine paste they'll turn you into. There's safety in numbers and you're more useful—even with lower stats—in a team fight than you are at the spawn, shopping for your upgrades.