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Unknown 9: Awakening - What We Know So Far

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Unknown 9: Awakening is an upcoming title from a first-time developer, but the teaser trailer shown at Gamescom's opening night in August 2020 wasn't truly an introduction to a new intellectual property. The game will serve as part of an interconnected universe revealed through interwoven stories told via different types of media, some of which have already released.


Unknown 9 and the associated projects — including podcasts, novels, and comic books — are being created by Reflector Entertainment, which first highlighted the multi-platform universe back in 2018 ahead of New York Comic Con. Reflector planned a huge stage reveal at 2020's SXSW prior to its cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reflector Entertainment may be new to the gaming scene, but its staff has plenty of industry experience. Alexandre Amancio, known for his work with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise, heads the company, and is joined by creative talent who have previously contributed to Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry titles. Here's what we know so far about Unknown 9: Awakening, the team's first game.


What is the release date for Unknown 9: Awakening?

According to a press release, Unknown 9: Awakening will release at some point in 2021 for PC and next-generation consoles. Reflector has yet to show any gameplay, which may suggest the title isn't far enough along to put those details on display.


If you're interested in learning more about the world, you can delve into the other Unknown 9 media while you wait. Reflector has created two scripted Unknown 9 podcasts — Out of Sight and The Leap Year Society — for fans to explore. If you prefer visual media, you can download free PDF installments of the novel Unknown 9: Genesis or buy the ebook or paperback versions on Amazon. The first issue of the Unknown 9: Torment comic book series is also available as a free download

Want to affect the Unknown 9 universe? You should check out Unknown 9: Chaptersan interactive, community-driven adventure. Chapters presents a variety of puzzles and virtual events, the outcomes of which will influence the entire IP.


What is the plot of Unknown 9: Awakening?

Unknown 9: Awakening introduces Haroona, a young girl living on the streets of Kolkata, India. Haroona is "haunted by visions of her own death" and has the ability to "manipulate the unseen." These talents are nurtured by a mentor, who teaches her to access a hidden dimension called The Fold. She soon undertakes a journey to discover The Fold's many secrets. 


"It's a passion project being undertaken by a small team of industry veterans that want to do things differently," CEO Alexandre Amancio said in press release. "Our game features a complex heroine that must come to terms with who she is. The game is set in the Unknown 9 universe, a modern Storyworld that centers on humanity being on the edge of either transcendence or self-destruction."

The world of Unknown 9 appears to be based on Earth, but with strong science fiction and occult elements.

Does Unknown 9: Awakening have a trailer?

The latest Awakening trailer, revealed on Aug. 27 during Gamescom, received the event's Best Announcement Award. The trailer provides a glimpse of Haroona's difficult life. As bullies chase her, she appears to access the The Fold and harness her powers to get herself out of a sticky situation. There's also one short, ambiguous image of her hand removing an item encased in a plant-covered wall.


Based on the comments, the art style and music appear to have captured the attention of prospective players. But with only cinematics on display, the Official Teaser Trailer does little more than whet the appetites of its audience. With so much time until the game releases, there is plenty of opportunity for Reflector Entertainment to draw in more fans with additional content, including a gameplay trailer or demo.