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These Are The Easiest Bosses In Bloodborne

If you've played the action RPG Bloodborne, you know it's a difficult, even brutal title. It's considered one of the most stressful games ever created, complete with terrifying and challenging bosses. However, you do have some choice regarding which fights to prioritize. If you're wondering how to get through Bloodborne with a minimum amount of rage-quitting, you might want to start with the least intimidating foes and work your way up the food chain.


As expected from a game developed by FromSoftware, which also created the Souls series, Bloodborne's world features a high level of creepiness and fast-paced combat. You need to enter battles with strategic weapons, as well as a great deal of patience. Struggling through this title is part of the experience, and very few gamers make it out of Bloodborne without some frustrating moments. Given that, here are a few of the bosses you should consider tackling first: they'll help you learn the tactics that you need for the rest of the game.

Cleric Beast

The Cleric Beast is the first boss in Bloodborne, so it's natural that it would be one of the easiest. That's a relative term here, though — you can still get stuck in Central Yharnam trying to figure out your best moves to defeat the macabre monster. This guy is big, ugly, screechy and packs a major punch that's quite intimidating.


Look past that, though. Polygon advises that you watch the Cleric Beast's moves and you'll soon figure out its attack patterns. This includes its rage mode, because that's when this creature's combos are extended while recovery times are shortened. Maybe use a Molotov cocktail or an oil urn or two, as it is susceptible to fire. Hit it from behind, since many of its attacks go off to the side. Dodge backwards as much as you can. This will be a relatively long fight, so make sure you're stocked up on health vials.

Hemwick Witch

The fight against the Hemwick Witch is optional, but enables you to use Runes. The Witch can be difficult for some to master, but speed and timing make the difference. This boss battle actually puts you in the arena with several enemies at once, forcing you to simultaneously fend off Soot Monsters and the Witch, who creates copies of herself with different abilities and independent health bars.


To rid yourself of this menace, take your time at the beginning, since the Witch starts out less aggressive. She disappears and reappears, and it'll be hard to see her unless you're close. When she's at 50 percent health, she'll generate another version of herself. Once she multiplies, you're going to want to try and kill all three versions within one minute, or they'll be able to revive each other. They'll have less health once they're back.

As for the Soot Monsters, don't engage unless you have to. If the fight goes on for a while, more will appear, so make sure you don't give them the opportunity to gang up on you.

Celestial Emissary

You meet the Celestial Emissary in the Upper Cathedral Ward area. Again, this is an optional and easier fight, but winning it grants you the Communion Rune — which provides you with the ability to carry more Blood Vials. This can be helpful if you're planning to explore the Chalice Dungeons.


Complicating the fight, you actually have to battle the smaller Cranium Creatures first. They hide their boss, but if you keep attacking the boss will spawn. VG247 recommends waiting until the Celestial Emissary transforms, then running up the stairs and out on the balcony to drop off the ledge. This apparently confuses the Cranium Creatures, and you'll be able to battle the main boss without them.

As with the Cleric Beast, you'll then want to get behind the Emissary and hit it until you defeat it. Jump attacks or swinging at it with an axe should work. If the Cranium Creatures get too numerous, you'll want to fall back and get them out of the way. They're quite annoying.