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What Critics Are Saying About Spelunky 2

The original Spelunky was an amazing indie PC game that seemed to come out of nowhere back in 2008. Spelunky was originally distributed as freeware, then was eventually heavily updated for retail release as Spelunky HD in 2012 and 2013. Its simple platforming mixed with procedurally-generated maps and a roguelike progression system helped make it a huge hit among gamers, so thankfully a full-fledged sequel is finally here. 


Spelunky creator Derek Yu has said that Spelunky 2 has such an ambitious scale that he's not sure how long it'll take gamers to find all of its secrets. There were hopes that Spelunky 2 would end up being a game that would blow people away in 2020, and it seems that it has achieved just that.

Unlike another recent indie roguelike, Gleamlight, Spelunky 2 is already receiving high marks from critics. With the game arriving on Sept. 15 for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, it's time to take a look at what the pros think of this long-awaited followup to a modern classic.

Spelunky 2 is "more Spelunky," and that's a good thing

The general consensus seems to be that Spelunky 2 perfectly builds off of what came before, resulting in a sequel that feels like a bigger and better version of the first game. Critics have commended Spelunky 2 for not messing with something that wasn't broken.


Polygon's Chris Plante wrote, "This isn't a sequel. It's yet another chance to play Spelunky with fresh eyes; everything is just a little different ... Even the best can get better." 

Kotaku's Riley MacLeod agreed with this take, writing, "More Spelunky is exactly what I hoped Spelunky 2 would be." Additionally, the review highlighted some of the tweaks to the original that made this new game stand out, such as the addition of a hub area for all of your unlocked characters. Destructoid also praised the title for its fun additions, including the multiplayer Arena Mode and new usable items. However, this review also called out the game's significant difficulty level. 

Overall, it looks like Spelunky 2 is exactly what fans of the original are looking for. It should also provide plenty of entertainment (and just a bit of frustration) for newcomers.