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The Rarest PS4 Game Isn't What You'd Expect

The PlayStation 4 was released well into the age of digital distribution. Gamers can either download their favorite games from the PS4 store or buy physical copies, and companies such as Limited Run Games have made a mint from printing physical copies of titles that would otherwise be relegated to digital distribution. Yet even with the internet removing barriers such as limited physical stocks, nature found a way to introduce rare games into the PS4 ecosystem.


Many gamers assume P.T. is the PS4's rarest game. After all, Konami removed the title from digital storefronts, so if you own a console with the game still installed, you are sitting on a gold mine. However, one PS4 game is so rare it floats prices upwards of $500, and the game isn't even that good. In fact, the game was so bad (and sold so poorly), it caused the publisher to declare bankruptcy..

If you want to learn more about this gold-plated turd of a game that can cost as much as an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 — if not more — keep reading.

Poop Slinger

If you've never heard about Poop Slinger, consider yourself lucky. The game was developed by Diggidy.net and consists of slinging poop in every color of the rainbow (and brown) at blocky people in a digital carnival duck shooting gallery. As you fling feces, you unlock new weapons, levels, and poop colors, then you rinse and repeat until you unlock everything. The game comes across as a joke, and that's why it's so rare.


On April 1, 2019, Diggidy.net teamed up with newfound publisher Limited Rare Games to sell physical copies of Poop Slinger. And yes, "Limited Rare Games" does indeed sound a lot like "Limited Run Games". The company logos even share the same font. With this in mind, everything about Poop Slinger screamed "April fool's joke" when the physical disc sale was announced, and the joke was on Limited Rare Games. The game didn't meet sales expectations. Limited Rare Games hoped to sell all 820 physical copies, but it only pushed an infinitesimal 84.

Limited Rare Games' publishing dreams were flushed down the toilet, and the company went out of business shortly after it was born. On the bright side, Limited Rare Games shipped all 84 physical copies. If you want a digital version, you can purchase it on Steam or the PS4 store for five bucks, but if you want a physical disc, expect to hemorrhage anywhere between $690 and $1800.