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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Pokimane Plays

It happens to the best of us. While in the middle of a particularly intense online multiplayer session, something major occurs on-screen. That occurrence is either the type that results in you walking away with a triumphant victory or a devastating loss. Most streamers experience this phenomenon, as well, and top of that, all of their wins and losses — no matter how beautiful or ugly — on full display during their live gameplay streams.


Imane Anys, who's better known to fans everywhere as famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber Pokimane, has definitely experienced some extreme highs and lows during her time spent playing her favorite games. Pokimane can regularly be seen nabbing big wins and suffering heartbreaking losses in games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant. She's also known for engaging in all types of hilarious hijinks during her Minecraft escapades.

If one thing is constant when it comes to Pokimane and her live streaming sessions, it's that she experiences both good moments and bad in each and every game she plays. To her credit, though, she seems to take them all in stride.

Here are the 5 best and 5 worst Pokimane plays.


BEST: Pokimane's clutch building skills helped her nab a victory royale in Fortnite

Anyone who follows Pokimane knows how much she enjoys playing Fortnite for her adoring audience. There's a lot of excitement to be had as her and other streamers attempt to become the last person standing or claim victory alongside their teammates in the popular battle royale game. In once instance, Pokimane nabbed a hard-fought-for win during a game of duos that came to a close in epic fashion. During an intense standoff between Pokimane's team and the final duo opposite them, Pokimane put her building mastery to good use in an attempt to climb to the skies and get the jump on her enemies.


Eventually, she encountered the last foe that needed to be downed and immediately got entangled in an intense firefight. Thankfully, her quick thinking led to her leaping down from her high perch and proceeding to shoot down the opposing player to nab a victory royale. What made that epic win even more impressive is the fact that she did it while the eye of the storm was closing in around her. It was impressive to say the least.

WORST: Pokimane dropped down into a pickaxe assault

If you're one of the many players that frequently plays Fortnite, you know how crucial it is for everyone to take note of their surroundings at all times. That sentiment especially rings true whenever you're floating down into an open area or right onto a nearby building. Pokimane knows this all too well, as evidenced by the way she met defeat in one Fortnite session.


Just mere seconds after floating down from the skies and landing atop a building, Pokimane found herself in the wrong hood. A team of four players quickly surrounded her like rabid vultures and brought punishment her way via a vicious pickaxe beatdown. There was nothing she could do as she watched the vicious Rose Team eliminate her from the game with in-sync pickaxe swings. The opposing team's dancing antics poured tons of extra salt into Pokimane's fresh wounds.

This instance is the very definition of an epic fail in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.

BEST: Pokimane nabbed the Ace ranking in Valorant without getting hit

Another fast-paced, action-packed shooter that Pokimane has taken a liking to is Valorant. The Riot Games-developed first-person shooter isn't a braindead affair. The best players continually weigh their options by sticking to hidden areas on the map and picking off the opposition in an efficient manner. Pokimane put her top-notch Valorant skills on full display during a nail-biting match.


While sticking to the corner of the map, Pokimane played like a true pro as she picked off a player that ran right in front of her hidden position. Soon after, she moved from her hiding place and landed a sick headshot on another incoming foe. Pokimane then took down a third enemy, despite being blindsided by a flashbang. Finally, Pokimane completed her kill streak by eliminating a fourth player just mere seconds after her last kill.

Without getting hit once, Pokimane grabbed the illusive Ace ranking and celebrated accordingly. The pew, pew, pew jig she jumped right into was well deserved.

WORST: Pokimane entered a League of Legends match against pro player Faker

The popular MOBA League of Legends is often held up as one of Pokimane's favorite games. In fact, her rise in popularity is due in part to her League of Legends gameplay and commentary streams.

During one of her many heated League of Legends matches, Pokimane ended up on the opposite end of a team that had a top-ranked competitor within its ranks. That player ended up being the South Korean pro known as Faker. And what made that moment even more of a trip is the fact that she didn't even realize she was engaging in battle with him at several intervals during a drawn-out skirmish. At one point during the match, Pokimane ran into Faker during a mid-lane battle.


This brief encounter didn't end in her favor, however. Pokimane's attacks didn't pay off like she thought they would since Faker escaped her wrath by running off in a hurry. Pokimane's reaction to Faker's quick escape is all you need to see in order to understand how much of a fail this moment truly was

BEST: Pokimane came back from the throes of defeat and grabbed a tough League of Legends win

It's quite easy to lose all hope and the will to win after getting killed during a League of Legends match. But escaping the jaws of defeat and ending up on the winning side of that same match is immensely gratifying.


That's exactly what went down in one League of Legends bout, which saw Pokimane and one of her allies meet their ends in the middle of a game. After getting placed back onto the battlefield, Pokimane put her game face on and attempted to turn the tide in her team's favor. With the in-game clock reaching the hour mark, Pokimane and her squad began shutting down their foes in quick succession. And as the final minutes of the match ticked down, Pokimane and her teammates successfully bombarded the enemy's turrets and clinched a hard-fought victory.

Pokimane went from severe disappointment to unbridled glory in just a matter of minutes, securing an epic League of Legends comeback win.

WORST: Pokimane ran in the opposite direction during a game of Fall Guys

Patience is key whenever anyone finds themselves trying to come out on top during a game of Fall Guys. The breakout 2020 hit does an amazing job of making everyone who plays it lose their cool and fly into a rage. That tends to occur when someone gets pulled by another player, is blocked from reaching the finish line, repeatedly falls off a platform, and more.


Pokimane actually gave the infuriating yet still enjoyable Fall Guys a spin during one of her streams. And surprisingly, the fail she experienced during that stream wasn't the type that made her fly into a fit of rage; it simply left her in a state of confusion.

After falling to her doom, Pokimane's avatar respawned for another attempt at victory. Once she regained control of her character, she began hopping onto spinning platforms and looked to get to the end of the course without getting eliminated. However, she made a critical mistake. Pokimane ended up running backward without realizing it and found herself eliminated moments later. Her race to the finish mistakenly happened in reverse and cost her a qualification.


BEST: Pokimane and CourRageJD squeezed out a big win in Brawl Stars

Pokimane's gaming habits aren't relegated to just consoles and PC. She also dabbles in the world of mobile gaming from time to time. One of the mobile games she hopped into was Brawl Stars, a fast-paced battle royale experience that's known for its cartoony aesthetic and unique character design. During one of her streams playing the game, Pokimane partnered up with a fellow streamer named CouRageJD for some duos action.


After some careful team prepping, both players got matched up with some of the best duos Brawl Stars had to offer. As Pokimane and CourRage JD played in unison, they ended up becoming one of the last two teams on the battlefield. It came down to the wire as the final teams went head to head for the win. Sadly, Pokimane got wiped out in a brutal fashion. But her teammate made a remarkable comeback soon after by taking out both players of the opposite team. With that, Pokimane and CouRage JD's combined efforts left them as the last team standing in Brawl Stars.

WORST: Pokimane couldn't handle an electric drill in Hand Simulator

Hand Simulator is a game in which players attempt to complete simple activities with their digital hands. These tasks become extremely demanding as their on-screen limbs move around in the strangest ways possible. And of course, the laughs come hard and fast as players watch their hands fail in hilarious ways.


Pokimane got involved in all the Hand Simulator hijinks with her friends Markiplier and Jacksepticeye during a group stream. All three players were given a pretty tough mission to overcome. Three electric screwdrivers were put near each player, all of which needed to be used to release the screws from a container that held a ticking time bomb inside.

They were unsuccessful, however. Pokimane mistakenly knocked her screwdriver off the table and even ended up getting cut by another screwdriver. When she finally picked up the last screwdriver, she was unable to use it properly. And moments later, the bomb went off in spectacular fashion. At least she tried, right?

BEST: Pokimane and her teammates emerged victorious during a League of Legends Twitch Rivals tournament

The stakes were certainly high during the 2019 Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament Pokimane took part in. The team of EZ Clap, which consisted of Pokimane, Revenge, xChocobars, ChaseShaco, and Natsumiii, found themselves in the finals after having lost only two games prior. Their previous wins against other pro player teams were impressive and put them in a prime position to take the whole tourney.


All they had to do was get through the opposing team known as Team One first. Team One was no slouch either, as it featured top players such as LL Stylish, IreliaCarriesU, and Swifte.

When the time finally arrived for both teams' finals showdown, Pokimane and her teammates played in top form. EZ Clap's masterful team play helped them triumph over Team One's best players and emerge from their match with a final 2-1 lead. Thanks to Pokimane's assistance, team EZ Clap claimed the top spot in the 2019 Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament. The grand prize of $75,000 was the extra cherry on top for the team's gratifying win.

WORST: Pokimane's co-op Minecraft adventure ended in a pool of lava

Minecraft tends to be a pretty relaxing game that sees players work on their own or with a friend to create amazing structures. There are also tons of other activities players can enjoy in the game as well, such as simple mining adventures.


Pokimane embarked upon one such adventure with fellow streamer Fitz during one of their Minecraft focused streams. Near the end of their journey together, both players got into some underground exploring activities. At one point during their mining venture, things took a hilarious turn for the worse.

As Pokimane and Fitz enjoyed a nice word story game, Pokimane dug away at nearby blocks while tending to her mining duties. All of a sudden, Pokimane chipped at a random block underneath her and soon found herself tripping right into a space filled with lava. As Pokimane screamed and laughed whilst in panic mode, she watched in horror as her avatar died and got sent back to the player home base.

Pokimane's fiery ending was quite an embarrassing one.