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Xbox Wants $330 More Out Of Your Pocket. Should You Pay It?

The Nov. 10 Xbox Series X and Series S launch date looms closer, and the question on almost every gamer's mind is whether they can buy the console — and not just because pre-orders sold out a little too quickly. The Xbox Series X costs $499.99, with the Series S coming in at $299.99. However, a video console alone isn't worth the price of admission. You need games, which will cost up to $69.99. But do you need accessories on top of that?


If you want to play the Xbox Series X or S locally with a friend, it will require a second controller. If you want more hard drive space for your games, you need an expansion card. These additions, along with other accessories, are by no means inexpensive. They will eventually be discounted — or supplanted by third party accessories — but if you intend to purchase official Xbox Series X or S add-ons right at launch, here's how much you will have to spend.

Controller - $59.99+

Controllers have been around since the dawn of video games. As technology advanced and titles became more complicated, controllers followed suit and included more buttons and features at higher prices. Good news: The Xbox Series X and S controllers won't cost any more than a regular Xbox One controller. Bad news: They won't cost any less than Xbox One controllers, either.


Xbox Wireless Controllers start as low as $59.99 and come in two base colors: black and white. If you want the new blue controller, that will run you $64.99 — because Microsoft traditionally makes the fancier colors more expensive. Alternatively, you can purchase a controller with a USB-C cable for $59.99 or a model with a wireless adapter for Windows 10 for $79.99.

However, if you want one of the sleekest and most customizable controllers available, Microsoft has the device for you. For a gargantuan $179.99, you can buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and be the envy of all your friends.

Rechargeable Battery - $24.99

Despite packing new features such as rumble pack triggers and a share button, the Xbox Series X and S controllers will stick with tried and true AA batteries. Instead of immediately plugging your controller into the console to start charging — and playing — you need to use energy sources that are sold separately. Moreover, if you want to free your controller from the shackles of AAs, you have to purchase an accessory that is likewise sold separately.


You can pick up an Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable for $24.99. While that might seem like a good deal, bear in mind you'll have to drop $50 total to outfit two controllers. On the bright side, though, you won't need a separate rechargeable battery if you buy the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, as that comes pre-installed with a rechargeable battery.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card - $219.99

Video game file sizes have ballooned in recent years, and the only feasible way to load them is with solid state drives (SSDs). Thankfully, Microsoft is stocking its upcoming consoles with SSDs, and if you run out of disc space, you can easily upgrade your console's storage capacity with an expansion card. However, that card comes at a cost. And that isn't a metaphor: if you want more disc space, it's going to be a lot of money.


The Seagate Storage Expansion Card might look unassuming, but its price is absolutely massive at $219.99. Microsoft crammed 1 TB worth of space into the expansion card's tiny frame, which is no mere feat. However, the card's cost might be a sticking point for many gamers since it is two-thirds of the Xbox Series S' price. Moreover, the Series S will only ship with 512 GB at launch, which might convince Series S adopters to shell out the extra money for the expansion card. But, if you are spending $219.99 for a 1TB card on top $299.99 for a console, why not just take the plunge and buy the $499.99 console that comes with 1TB of space?