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Secrets You Completely Missed In Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy was originally released for the Nintendo Wii way back in 2007, but its reputation as one of the best games in the Super Mario Bros. franchise is still going strong to this day. The game has received plenty of renewed attention as one of the remastered titles in the Super Mario Bros. 3D All-Stars collection for the Nintendo Switch. The game follows Mario's efforts to save Princess Peach (of course), stop Bowser (naturally), and save the entire universe (okay, that's new). With such a large scale to this adventure, it's no surprise that Super Mario Galaxy contains more than a couple of Easter eggs.


While Super Mario Galaxy 2 contained some pretty incredible mysteries of its own, there are plenty of hidden details that are easy to miss in the first Super Mario Galaxy. If you've recently picked up the 3D All-Stars collection, maybe take a break from trying to find all of Super Mario Sunshine's Shine Sprites and check out the following Super Mario Galaxy secrets.

Good Egg Galaxy's secret sign

One of the most interesting little secrets in Super Mario Galaxy can actually be found near the beginning of the game. Unlike some of the actual Easter eggs and hidden treasures in the game, this one is actually the result of a clever programming shortcut. In the Good Egg Galaxy level, players can go over to a door and use the "Read" button prompt to interact with it. This will result in the player receiving a tip about using pipes to enter different areas.


However, some fans have discovered that the developers apparently used a bit of trickery to get that particular message into the game. By positioning the camera just right, players can see just behind the door in question, revealing a signpost just behind the door. Rather than having to go through the extra trouble of programming an interactive a sign on the door for players to read, it seems the developers decided to sneakily put this signpost back there to trigger the same response.

The hidden rupee of Rolling Gizmo Galaxy

There are actually a few different Legend of Zelda connections within Super Mario Galaxy, but the most blatant one comes in the form of this fun little Easter egg. Collecting Star Bits throughout Super Mario Galaxy is the best way to net Mario an extra life. In the level Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, sharp-eyed players can find a formation of Star Bits in the shape of a blue Rupee from the Legend of Zelda series. 


The "Rupee" can be found in the starting area of the level. It's situated in a gap between a few platforms and can only be seen if you angle the in-game camera just right. In other words, most folks will probably steer Mario right past this fun little secret without ever even noticing it. 

While these Star Bits themselves aren't really special in any way, it's always fun to see another Nintendo property getting a shoutout in a major Mario release. The fact that it's a bit risky to even spot the "Rupee," much less snag it, makes this even more of an Easter egg worthy of Link himself.

The legendary origin of Megaleg

One of the most intimidating battles in Super Mario Galaxy is the one against Megaleg. This massive robot boss fight is like something out of a cutesy version of Shadow of the Colossus. In a tense sequence, Mario has to climb up the gargantuan machine in order to deal damage to its head, which is vulnerable. Megaleg proved to be so popular that it inspired the creation of another villain, the much more manageable Digga-Leg from Super Mario Galaxy 2.


However, what fans may not know is that Megaleg also has a major connection to the Legend of Zelda franchise. The original final boss battle of Ocarina of Time would have seen Link climbing atop a giant version of Ganon to try to damage him. Although this idea was eventually scrapped from the released game, Nintendo held onto the concept and finally put it to good use in Super Mario Galaxy.