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The Most Obnoxious Video Game Characters Of All Time

Video games are usually chock full of larger-than-life characters whose adventures offer vicarious thrills. But for every hero like Mario or Master Chief, you're going to get a few characters that don't really add to your enjoyment of a game. In fact, some of these characters just bog down your experience because of how excruciatingly annoying they are. Here are a few examples of characters that tainted our memories of games because of how thoroughly we hated them and everything they did. Oh, and just keep in mind: there might be some NSFW language or images in the videos ahead.

Navi - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The first offender on this list is a classic one: Navi the fairy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Sure, she did what she was asked to do by the Great Deku Tree and helped Link on his journey to become the Hero of Time, but she did it at the cost of our patience and sanity. Anyone who's played through the timeless (no pun) adventure has experienced the nightmare of Navi's sprite-like voice shouting "Hey!" or "Look!" or "Listen!" over and over, echoing in the deepest recesses of our minds. We're glad that you want to point stuff out and be helpful, Navi, but your near-constant input was enough to make us want to let Ganondorf win so he could end our misery.

Tingle - The Legend of Zelda series

Another offender from the Legend of Zelda series is Tingle, the curiously-dressed 35-year-old man who believes himself to be a fairy. Even though his cartography skills are helpful, there's no getting past the fact that he looks like an episode of Dateline gone wrong. His first appearance was in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, when he freaked us all out with his creepy outfit and unnerving catchphrase, "Kooloo limpah," and he somehow managed to appear in more installments of the series despite those bad vibes. We know he wants to become a fairy, but we'd only be OK with that if we could bottle him up like other fairies and stick him on a shelf for a while.

Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing series

While Tingle gave us bad vibes and made our skin crawl, Mr. Resetti from the Animal Crossing series nearly deafened us, threatening to shear our ears off with his long-winded tirades about not saving before quitting the game. Any time you just turned the game off without properly saving, you'd see this guy pop up when you started up again and he'd be ready with a lecture. On and on he'd blather, almost making you want to quit the game then and there. Resetti was so bad he actually made little girls cry, prompting Nintendo to make his presence optional in future games and saving many players from the annoyance.

Claptrap - Borderlands series

Claptrap is an iconic Borderlands character, as well as a pretty cool-looking robot, but his grating voice made us want to feed ourselves to the skags of Pandora. We appreciate the quests he gave out, and the myriad of guns and equipment he rewarded to help us build up our inventories, but each word the little robot said might as well have been a knife in our ears. Anytime he was around for a quest, our patience was in danger of running out. And once he became a playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we were ready to plug our ears with anything we could find. If you could endure his speaking, you were made of pretty stern stuff.

Emily - Until Dawn

Until Dawn was a fantastic survival horror-adventure game that put you in the shoes of eight friends as they tried to survive a night on a secluded mountain while someone (or something) stalked them. The survival of the group came down to choices you made as a player while controlling each individual character and how you interacted with the others. If you were mean to certain characters, they might distrust you and might not want to cooperate with you later on, which would probably lead to their doom, so playing nice is the key. Characters like Emily, however, made this task harder because of how incredibly rude and terrible she was as a person. In the example scene we've provided, you can see how her cattiness could get in the way of harmony with the rest of the group, making your job of maintaining trust that much more difficult. We don't understand how a person could be throwing shade while under attack from some mysterious psycho.

Slippy Toad - Star Fox series

What makes Slippy Toad from the Star Fox series one of the most obnoxious gaming characters of all time? The fact that he's supposed to be skilled as an engineer and a pilot, but constantly asks for help over the comms. Whenever we saw his little green face flapping its mouth on our screens, we cringed. Perhaps it was Slippy's incredibly high-pitched screams that made us hate him, or the constant cries for assistance, but we were always tempted to mute our TVs for a little relief. Levi Buchanan of IGN once wrote that Slippy's voice was like "the sound of the Earth cracking open just as the Four Horsemen visit plague and pestilence on humankind." We'd say that's accurate.

Preston Garvey - Fallout 4

Hey, do you have a settlement to check on in Fallout 4? If you don't, you can rest assured that Preston Garvey of the Minutemen will fix that problem for you. After enlisting your aid and giving you a bogus promotion, Garvey spends the rest of his days sending you on meaningless quests to find a settlement, defend a settlement, or otherwise just check on settlements. It never ends. We're convinced that Fallout 4 is less of an action RPG and more of a purgatory simulator thanks to Preston and his nigh-infinite requests for settlement work. In a game that allows you freedom of choice to be a good guy, bad guy, or anything in between, Garvey's harping makes us want to go Chaotic Evil and rain nukes on every settlement he mentions.

Larry - The Walking Dead: Season One

At its core, Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One tells a story of survival and the bonds we form to help us through tragedy. It's also about how difficult it is to make it through the zombie apocalypse when you have to contend with many different personalities to try to band together and stay alive. One person who made it increasingly difficult to stay both calm and alive as Lee Everett was a man named Larry. While he was very protective of his daughter and showed that he wanted to help the group survive, he was also a bit of a loud jerk and butted heads with Lee and Kenny. He even tried to kill Lee at one point and had no problem with getting rid of the little boy, Duck, when he thought the child had been bitten by a zombie. His behavior made it difficult to keep the group united and therefore tougher to take care of Clementine, Lee's ward.

Ashley Graham - Resident Evil 4

Speaking of making things hard for people, we present you with Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4. She was the President's daughter and had to be rescued by Leon from the Los Iluminados cult, and she earned our ire not because we had to keep her safe from all of the baddies, but because she was pretty useless and often got in our way—or worse, she often got killed. While games like BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us offered amazing and helpful sidekicks like Elizabeth and Ellie, Resident Evil 4's Ashley was most useful hiding in a dumpster while letting us do our thing. While we don't outright hate her, we just have too many memories of her impeding our progress. If only she knew jiu-jitsu or something, we would have liked her more.

Roman Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV

We know Roman meant well and just really wanted to hang out with his cousin Niko in Grand Theft Auto IV, but we just can't seem to like the guy. Maybe it was his crass attitude or the number of times he blew up our in-game phones with invitations to go bowling, but we found we always had better things to do in Liberty City—like driving off bridges. Needy Roman's voice made us want to commit vehicular suicide every time he called, so you could say he definitely colored our experience in Grand Theft Auto IV.