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Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Dr Disrespect Is Still Human

One of the biggest gaming celebrities tied to the world of live streaming is Dr Disrespect. The magnetic personality of Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV's alter-ego has been known to attract an army of fans that check in every time he hops online. Ever since his streaming career exploded in popularity, Dr Disrespect's net worth has ballooned to insane levels and his sponsorship deals have attached him to major companies.


Dr Disrespect's streaming persona often leads to tons of hilarious moments, most of which tend to fall under the categories of "accidental" and "improvised on the fly." Many top streamers go through their fair share of hysterical bloopers. The bloopers you're about to see below are proof that Dr Disrespect isn't all business all of the time. More than that, they're proof The Doc has earned his status as a beloved entertainer. 

Here are the live stream bloopers that prove Dr Disrespect is still human.

Dr Disrespect raged over being eliminated in Fortnite

Dr Disrespect dibbles and dabbles in games such as H1Z1, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Call of Duty's Blackout and Warzone modes, and Apex Legends. Another popular shooter that he spends his time playing and live streaming is Fortnite. During one particularly focused gameplay session, Dr Disrespect could be seen making his way towards his next perceived victim. It looked as if he'd come out on the winning end of this impending firefight as he utilized the game's building mechanics to set up a good position on his unsuspecting prey.


Unfortunately, his one-on-one encounter didn't exactly turn out as he probably envisioned it. After getting the drop on his foe, Dr Disrespect went into assault mode. But his automatic weapon simply paled in comparison to the other player's stronger shotgun. After just two blasts, Dr Disrespect went down and nabbed a disappointing match ranking of #44.

What followed soon after was one of his infamous rage-filled rants. Dr Disrespect hilariously flew off the handle and questioned the purpose of Fortnite. And, of course, he made sure to throw in a few expletives to describe his frustration.

The Doc danced his headset off

If there's one thing that fans adore about Dr Disrespect, it's his random dance breaks. Every once in a while, The Doc transitions to his custom green screen background to put his excitement on display by showing his viewers his "impressive" dance moves. This clip points to one of those entertaining dance numbers, but an out of nowhere accident makes it more memorable than others.


Dr Disrespect started gyrating in his chair to some catchy EDM tune at first, before excitedly getting up to truly bust a move. The Doc proceeded to show off his finest moves as he hopped in place and gave the world a good look at his breakdancing expertise. After a few moments of his dancefloor antics, viewers were treated to an even more riotous moment, Dr Disrespect's headset went flying off of his head mid-dance. This caused him to bring his wild performance to an end and look for his trusty audio peripheral.

Simply put, Dr Disrespect's hyper energy and intense jig was too much for his headset to handle.

The Doc got emotional over a fan's comments

Every once in a while, fans of big-time streamers unknowingly play alongside their favorites. During these rare instances, streamers sometimes hide their identity. This blooper falls into that category and came off as a very warm moment for everyone involved.


In the clip, Dr Disrespect linked up with a random player during a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds match. The player asked if Dr Disrespect was indeed the real Dr Disrespect. The Doc replied that he's wasn't, and that he was nothing more than a fan.

What followed was a cool conversation between the two in which the player proclaimed his love and appreciation for Dr Disrespect. This caused The Doc to step away from the camera for a few seconds. It seems the heartfelt response from that unknown player hit Dr Disrespect right the feels and made him tear up off screen. Even when he came back on camera, Dr Disrespect could still be seen getting emotional over the fan's comments.

Dr Disrespect broke character after reading a crazy donation comment

When the donations come pouring in, gut-busting reactions are bound to take place. And in the case of Dr Disrespect, it happens on a regular basis. Most of the time, the comments that come with these cash gifts cause The Doc to react with nothing but unplanned laughter. This type of live stream interaction occurs in this memorable clip.


Dr Disrespect read a donation from one of his loyal followers, which went into a humorous tale about the viewer going on a date after watching one of Dr Disrespect's streams. As the story continued, the viewer dropped a one-liner that can't be repeated here, but is explained best by Urban Dictionary.

Dr Disrespect broke character and tried his hardest not to laugh out loud at the comment, giving fans a glimpse at a side of The Doc that isn't often seen during his streams.

Dr Disrespect's grenade throw in PUBG backfired

The term "cooking the grenade" should be familiar to avid players of first- and third-person shooters. Waiting just a few extra precious seconds before lobbing a grenade so it explodes as soon it reaches its designated target works like a charm. But when one holds that dangerous explosive in their hand for a little too long, the results are disastrous. Dr Disrespect experienced that exact moment during one of his regular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds play sessions.


While going through his inventory and prepping for another intense firefight, Dr Disrespect saw fit to prepare a grenade for his unseen target. But this decision came back to bite him in the worst way possible. After wielding the grenade for far too long, it exploded in his on-screen avatar's hands and quickly eliminated him from the match. Dr Disrespect proceeded to sit in puzzled silence as he looked at the embarrassing death message that popped up on his screen: "You killed YOURSELF with Frag Grenade."

The Doc accidentally gave his chat a look at his money

The biggest gaming streamers have no problem racking up huge amounts of donations from their loyal fan base. Unsurprisingly, Dr Disrespect falls into that category of high-earning gaming content creators. During one of his streams, Dr Disrespect accidentally gave his viewers a quick peek at just how large his donations can be.


This blooper started out with Dr Disrespect celebrating his recent victories to an appreciative chat room full of fans. Moments later, he clicked on the profile pic of a random Twitter user and mocked it in his usual humorous manner. Once he moved on from that pic, his transition made something visible that clearly shouldn't have been: a chart displaying his most recent donations.

Quickly realizing his mistake, Dr Disrespect proceeded to move the image off his screen. Judging by his reaction, Dr Disrespect clearly realized he'd messed up and let out a defeated chuckle at his own expense.

That unexpected look at The Doc's simply confirmed what many already knew: Dr Disrespect makes plenty of bank.


Dr Disrespect laughed at his bad Black Ops 4 luck

Dr Disrespect's viewing audience has become accustomed to him flying into a rage after taking a huge loss. In one instance, though, his onscreen failure caused a decidedly amusing reaction.

In the middle of a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout match, Dr Disrespect began ranting and raving over just how empty his current locale seemed to be. As he played up his gimmick for the world to see, The Doc began his inventory check as he prepared to take on the dangers close to his proximity. Once he blew past the double doors in his way, Dr Disrespect ran right into an enemy stationed inside a crate. A brief skirmish ensued, and Dr Disrespect was quickly eliminated.


Instead of losing his cool and raging over this loss, Dr Disrespect simply laughed. This blooper is yet another example of Dr Disrespect's occasional willingness to be the butt of the joke.

The Doc accidentally kicked his mic while dancing

Dr Disrespect knows how to cut a rug, and his impromptu dance numbers tend to be the highlight of his super hype streams. Most of the time, The Doc gives his viewers a performance on par with something from Dancing with the Stars. There are times, though, when his energetic moves lead to some comical mishaps. This particular clip is a shining example of such an occasion.


While listening to some music during a stream, Dr Disrespect could feel the beat building and quickly jumped up out of his seat. After a bit, Dr Disrespect began juking in front of the camera. However, an errant kick knocked his live mic from its position and caused him to stop for a few seconds, seemingly surprised at what he'd just done.

Dr Disrespect quickly adjusted his mic, acknowledged how high his kick was, and went right back to dancing. This blooper is more proof of just how magnetic Dr Disrespect's personality is and how fun his streams tend to be.