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Is Fortnite Teasing The Return Of This Major Character?

Fortnite patch notes 14.30 went live for the superhero-infested Chapter 2: Season 4, but some eagle-eyed fans reported on by Game Rant found some secret updates that weren't explicitly in the patch notes. The biggest of these include a golden chair placed inside the Authority point of interest. Fortnite players easily equated this chair to a golden Chapter 2 character named Midas. Midas isn't just any character — he's connected to the true identity of Fortnite.

For some background, Midas is based on Greek and Roman legend. In one story, according to Britannica, Dionysus, the god of nature and vegetation, granted Midas the ability to turn whatever he touches into gold. In consequence, his food turned to gold, making it inedible and causing him to nearly starve. The Midas in Fortnite is a legendary outfit, achieved after level 100 in the Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. He has golden hands, golden pupils, and wears a fashionable vest. He also has a Drum Gun, which resembles a golden tommy gun

Fans seem to believe Midas was involved in the "Doomsday Live Event" that flooded the Fortnite map. During the event, gamers found out that the island was a looped simulation. Midas, in keeping with his greedy nature, created a device that would break the simulation and allow him to control the island. In the event that started Season 3, the device resulted in a flood that engulfed the Fortnite map. In the process, Midas was eaten by a shark, causing many fans to speculate on his demise. After back-and-forth arguments on Midas' death, the appearance of the golden chair is a clear tease of his survival.

It was already revealed that Midas will be getting a new skin in the Last Laugh cosmetic bundle. The bundle, releasing November 17, includes a Joker, Poison Ivy, and Midas Rex outfit. Midas is outfitted with gold-plated armor that looks somewhat like an Iron-Man suit. Game Rant also reported that fans are theorizing that Midas will appear in the upcoming "Fortnitemares" event — maybe as a zombie to fit with the Halloween tone. In an attempt to prepare players for this Halloween event, the superstore near Holly Hedges was renamed "Hey Boo Megastore."

The Midas chair was not the only recent update. Right now, Fortnite is bombarded with Marvel superheroes, including Iron-Man, Wolverine, Groot, Silver Surfer, Blade, and Daredevil, the most recent hero. Players can compete in a Marvel Knockout Super Series to win the Daredevil outfit. The heroes need an arch-nemesis, and Thanos has already been used up. Galactus is another option for world-destroying enemies. The purple and red giant enjoys consuming planets, which will be the crux of Fortnite's "Nexus War" event. The Nexus War is the theme of Season 4, which features new locations, Stark Industries weapons, and even a prologue comic.  Galactus made his first appearance on the Fortnite map thanks to the recent update. Gamers spotted a bright red light in the sky that signals Galactus' looming approach to the island. 

Secondly, Season 4 added mythic abilities, and a Black Panther ability is the newest addition. It's called "Kinetic Armor" and works much like the movies, in which Black Panther's suit stores up kinetic energy and emits a purple burst. The armor is placed in random locations on the map, according to Screen Rant. When activated, a shock wave will emit around the player, causing damage to anything it touches. The power joins the likes of Dr. Doom's gauntlets and Siver Surfer's board.

Now that the secret additions are out of the way, the patch also prepares the game for a limited event called "Rally Royale," which comes later in the week. The event requires players to race around the map in cars to find tickets and bring them to a finish line. Lastly, the combat shotgun was buffed to have a longer range. 

Fortnite originally released in 2017 and quickly gained success, with a revenue of $2.4 billion in 2018. It has been the center of numerous crossovers, including Star Wars, Stranger Things, and the NFL. It was also used as a catalyst for advertising Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and 2020's Tenet, not to mention Fortnite's ability to bring people together during a pandemic with a live Travis Scott concert. Epic Games continues to make strategic partnerships through the current Marvel crossover while remaining invested in their own storyline with Midas. Hopefully, more information on Midas' return will be revealed as the Nexus war rages on.