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Here's How To Find Nameless Treasure In Genshin Impact

The world of MiHoYo's fantasy MMORPG Genshin Impact, which has been called a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld clone, is one full of great looting opportunities. And if you're looking for a big payoff, you won't want to miss out on the rare Nameless Treasures, which each have a puzzle or quest attached to them. Once you turn them all in to Linlang at Xigu Antiques (but only after 9 p.m., and only once you've got all three) you should get 100,000 Mora, Adventure Rank experience points, and 40 Primogems for your trouble. It's not a bad payday, and will definitely help you as you get further into the game.


There are three of these gilded boxes placed strategically around Liyue, one of the seven nations in Teyvat. Of course, they're hidden so you may need some help locating them. If you'd like to get a head start on getting a little extra cash, here's where you need to go and what you need to do.

Dunyu Ruins

The first Nameless Treasure in Genshin Impact is located in the Dunyu Ruins. You'll need to find the four torches located around the ruins. Two are lower down, one is near the Geo Element Node, and another is higher, near a pillar. Light them to unblock the Geo switch. Then, you'll locate and activate the switch in order to drain the water level in the pool.


Once you've done that, locate the three spirits that are floating around in the once-submerged region. You'll probably come into contact with some enemies during this part, but you'll be able to avoid combat with at least some of them if you move quickly. Escort these blue spirits back to the three receptacles around the barrier. Once in place, they will lower the shield. You can then get yourself to the landing area in the center of the pool. Open the Nameless Treasure to collect what's inside.

Lingju Pass

In order to find this Nameless Treasure, you must complete a side quest called "And This Treasure Goes To..." The quest involves heading over to an enemy camp, near where a young scholar is locked in a cage. First, you'll need to clear the camp of Treasure Hoarders and open a chest near a cooking pot close to the cage. There will be a key inside the chest, and it fits into the cage door. Once you free Alrani, she'll tell you where you can find the Nameless Treasure.


You'll have to find the Giant Golden Tree in the middle of the Pass. Since this tree lives up to its name, you shouldn't have too much trouble. look for a dirt spot near the tree that can be interacted with. You can't miss it in the midst of all that grass. Once you mine there, you'll complete the quest and receive the nameless treasure.

Qingxu Pool

The final Nameless Treasure is located at Qingxu Pool, where you interact with a stone tablet at the edge of the cliff. It tells you about five seals that can only be activated with the Geo element, so you'll need to switch to a Geo character if you haven't yet. The first seal is right there at the tablet's location, so you can go ahead and get that first switch immediately. The other seals are located in the surrounding stone towers. You're looking for the Geo seal on the ground.


Once you've broken and activated all of the seals, the chest will spawn right in front of the Tablet. You can then go back and grab your Nameless Treasure. The item's description lets you know that you can take the Nameless Treasures to an NPC in Liyue Harbor who might be interested in them. Once you get back there and sell the Nameless Treasures, you'll get your reward.