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This Is The Best Interceptor Loadout For Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons is the latest Star Wars-themed multiplayer title published by Electronic Arts. Unlike EA's other Star Wars games, however, Squadrons puts players in the cockpit of Star Wars' iconic ships. You can pilot Imperial TIE Fighters and the Rebel Alliance's alphabet-themed Wing ships, for starters. And you have plenty of customization options and combinations to make each ship your own.

One of the most notable starfighters in the game is the TIE Interceptor. First appearing in Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, the ship gained popularity and went on to cameo in various extended universe materials. Squadrons is only the latest to sport the ship, and yes, you can modify it with alternate parts. You can also test various loadouts during the seven-to-10 hour campaign and use them to out-blast living opponents in multiplayer matches.

As with all video games that feature customizable loadouts, not all Squadrons ship builds are created equal. Some offer sizable advantages in combat and can turn the tide of battle in your favor. If you want to blow up some Rebel scum in the Empire's most aggressive-looking fighter, keep reading.

The missile spammer

Missiles are a pilot's best friend — just lock on and let the rockets scream towards their target. While every starfighter pilot worth their salt carries anti-missile countermeasures, a pilot can deflect only so many missiles before they're eventually hit.

YouTuber Grrae discovered one of the most overpowered builds in Star Wars Squadrons that punishes enemies with salvos of rocket-fueled death. Quick-Lock Missiles and Cluster Missiles are the linchpins of Grrae's build and are designed as a one-two punch. First, lock on with the Quick-Lock and wait until the Clusters are also fully targeted. Then, fire the Quick-Lock, hold on half a second, and then unleash your Cluster Missiles. Your target will waste their countermeasure on the Quick-Lock Missiles and will be open to the far more potent Cluster Missiles.

Grrae's loadout is also designed to ensure it isn't deployed against you. This is accomplished with the Dampner Hull, which increases the time it takes to lock on to your Interceptor, as well as the Sensor Jammer countermeasure for scrambling incoming missiles. And when all else fails, you can get the hell out of dodge with Twin Propulsion Engines.

Best of all, this build also works with the Rebel Alliance's A-Wing. Just add a Scrambler Shield to increase enemy lock-on time, a Microthrust Engine for tighter turns (which helps you lock on faster), and the default countermeasures, and you're good to go.

Runner-up: The invisible sniper

The TIE Interceptor is a glass cannon of a ship. It can dish out tons of damage, but it is at its strongest when it sneaks up on enemies. The longer you stay invisible, the better. YouTuber The Playbook believes he has the best loadout to stay out of sight and off enemy radars as long as possible, all while racking up the kills.

The Playbook's build relies on the Plasburst Cannon since it takes the minutiae of managing energy out of the equation. Just charge up the cannon, line up your shot, and deal enough damage to one-shot an A-Wing. If, however, someone shoots back, this loadout comes with a Targeting Jammer that lets you become invisible so long as you break line of sight, which is as easily said as done with the Twin Propulsion Engine. And if you do get hit, a Repair System will keep you in the fight as long as possible.

The beauty of The Playbook's loadout is it has absolutely no missiles. Sure, it's difficult to catch zippy enemies with this build, but opponents are usually slower when they don't know someone has them in their crosshairs. No missiles means no lock on warnings, so you can quickly destroy most adversaries before they ever realize they've got a bogie on their tail.