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Genshin Impact: What Is Masterless Stardust And Why Do You Need It?

Now that gamers are discovering the free-to-play MMORPG world of Genshin Impact, they're finding plenty of mysteries scattered throughout the open-world fantasy landscape. The title is quickly developing its own personality, in part thanks to its microtransactions and gacha monetization. Gacha game mechanics are based on Japanese vending machines in which you don't know what toy you're going to get before purchase.


Genshin Impact features a large number of currencies with which to interact. Primogems, for example, are a major currency in the game used to buy Fates, refill Original Resin, and perform Wishes. However, some of the rarer currencies, including Masterless Stardust, are just as important. Due to their rarity, they can also be much harder to obtain. 

Masterless Stardust can't be obtained the same way other currencies can: by buying them or earning them through completing quests or opening chests. So, if you're wondering exactly how you get it, and what to do with it once you've obtained it, you'll want to read on.

How to obtain Masterless Stardust

In Genshin Impact, you use your Fates currency inside the Wishes gacha system to "pull" rare weapons and characters. Basically, you spend your Fates to make a Wish, and you'll receive a randomly-generated prize. When you do this, sometimes you'll receive a weapon that you already own. If the weapon is a duplicate of something you already have, you'll get some Masterless Stardust or Masterless Starglitter (a different currency) along with the pull.


Each weapon is rated between 1-5 stars. If you receive one that's rated three stars, you'll receive 15 Stardust when you get a duplicate. If your weapon is rated four or five stars, you actually receive Masterless Starglitter. Fans have calculated your chances of getting three-star or above items at about 94.3 percent for a weapon and 93.3 percent for a character. So, you may quickly start to rack up that Masterless Stardust if you're buying lots of Wishes.

What to buy with Masterless Stardust

To use your Masterless Stardust, go to Paimon's Bargains. Simply use the appropriate tab in the Shop, which can be reached from the in-game menu. You can buy two types of Fate with Masterless Stardust: Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. As noted before, you use these to buy Wishes. You can also purchase the Fates with 160 Primogems, and there are additional ways to obtain them in the game as well.


You can buy other items in the store with your Masterless Stardust, including weapons, accessories, leveling materials, books, Mora (another currency), and more. Fans suggest prioritizing the Fates, especially Intertwined Fate. Adventurer's Experience books, weapon ores, and Mora should come next — Mora can be a limiting factor in the game, so it's worth stocking up on. Because training materials can be synthesized from materials that your enemies drop, don't bother exchanging your Masterless Stardust for these.

Genshin Impact is a game where money rules, so make sure you're maximizing your income and getting the most from your different currencies.