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This Is The Absolute Worst Minigame In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players everywhere donned their chain mail and wizard hats to face new medieval minigames when Season 2 launched in early October 2020. The new season added levels like "Knight Fever," a race filled with swinging axes and drawbridges, and "Wall Guys," another race that involves moving blocks to scramble over increasingly tall walls. It seems like none of the fresh modes have managed to dethrone a certain Season 1 level from its position of absolute worst, however. 


Some Fall Guys minigames seem to be universally hated. "Hoarders," a level about keeping large balls inside a particular section, is usually dominated by one team and lacks any significant skill. "Tail Tag" is an infuriating game about stealing tails. Only the last 15 seconds matter, and people with better internet speed can grab tails from further away than they should. There's one game that tops even these for being the worst, though, and it will likely remain bottom-tier throughout Fall Guys' history. 

Perfect Match

"Perfect Match" is a memorization game where players have to remember fruit on a number of tiles and go to a specific one after they disappear. It's a far cry from all the other action-packed minigames, and it lacks creativity. Most people play Fall Guys for the fun, rage-inducing races — not a common memory game. It's also too easy. The memorization takes little concentration, and it's simple to follow the crowd to the right spot. Mitchell Saltzman named "Perfect Match" the worst Fall Guys mini-game in an IGN opinion piece for this reason: "It's too easy, it fails at actually eliminating players, leading to chaotic final rounds where there are too many participants, and most importantly, it's just not fun."


The game will knock out one or two players at best, making the following minigames feel congested. It messes up the flow of the entire round and slows the action to a halt. An NME article also ranked "Perfect Match" as one of the worst minigames, saying, "It is so boring that it turns me into a bully, but I'll admit it is funny when you forget what fruit you're standing on."

There are rare occasions when every player but a few are on the wrong platform, which creates a hysterical moment of humiliation. Most of the time, though, players spend more time complaining about "Perfect Match" than enjoying it.