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Sony Fans' Dreams May Finally Come True

If you're someone who cares a lot about the look of your entertainment setup, you might have some mixed feelings about the PlayStation 5. The console is, for the most part, white, as is the DualSense controller that comes with it. If you have any number of black boxes surrounding your TV, the PlayStation 5 is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately, a glimmer of hope about future PS5 colors has come from an FCC filing that's surfaced. According to this filing — and the attached images that came with it — Sony could have a black DualSense controller ready for PlayStation fans. And if Sony is willing to put out a black DualSense controller, it's not a stretch to believe a black PlayStation 5 could arrive at some point in the future, too.

Now, there are a few reasons you should temper your expectations. This filing, for instance, appears to make use of a DualSense test unit, which is completely black and has no other colors or button labels. Sony could have simply created an all black unit for its FCC application because that was the easiest and cheapest thing to do.

If a black DualSense controller was going to be sold anywhere close to the PS5's launch, Sony would've likely shown it by now, too. That goes double for a black PlayStation 5. If Sony had intended to sell the PS5 in another color, it probably would have shown that model alongside the all-white version of the machine.

And it's possible Sony used a black DualSense controller in its FCC application to keep the true color of the PlayStation 5 secret. While this particular application wasn't submitted until April 17, 2020, it appears it was originally created all the way back in January 2020. If these photos would've leaked back then, the internet would've gotten a look at a controller that — aside from a few extras — isn't all that dissimilar to a DualShock 4.

Such a leak could've still been huge, but might not have garnered as much attention as a white, seemingly new PlayStation controller hitting the web.

With all that said, though, some may be relieved to see a black DualSense controller. If nothing else, it confirms Sony is indeed capable of creating such a product. The demand for the company to sell a black variant of its gamepad — and perhaps the PS5, too — may grow now that this is out in the wild.

You have to go pretty far back to find a PlayStation that didn't launch in a black color. The PlayStation 2 was black. The PlayStation 3 was black. The PlayStation 4 was black. Only the original PlayStation arrived in a different shade, but that came before all the others. Since then, it's as though Sony settled on a color and a tradition of sorts. The PS5, much to the chagrin of some, bucks that tradition pretty hard.

PlayStation controllers have typically followed the lead of the consoles, and have also been mostly black at launch, with some other color schemes added later. This could lend some credence to the idea that Sony might've been afraid of leaks. A black controller might not have raised as many eyebrows. A white one, however, could have tipped people off to the fact that the PlayStation 5 console was white.

Even if this ends up being a big nothingburger, fans can probably expect Sony will add more controller colors in the future. Gamers seem to like color options, and Sony has been good about addressing this market in the past.

When it comes to the launch version of the PlayStation 5, though, you shouldn't hold your breath for more controller options to appear prior to Sony's new machine going on sale. The company could surprise everyone in the days or weeks ahead, but as it stands now, it looks like the PlayStation 5 will launch with just one controller color: white.

The PlayStation 5 arrives on Nov. 12, 2020 at a price of $399 for the all-digital discless version and $499 for the full version. The DualSense controller, meanwhile, will retail for a price of $69.99. That's a bit of a price hike from the cost of the DualShock 4, but Sony is packing a lot of new tech into the pad, so perhaps that cost is justified.

We'll have an eye out for any news Sony might drop on new accessories or color options in the leadup to launch, so keep checking back for more.