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The Weirdest Things Streamers Have Been Sent By Fans

Streamers have an interesting job, to say the very least. Due to the nature of the gig, they have to be on camera for a large amount of time. This can result in some odd moments, like when streamers go live without knowing it or accidentally leak personal info. There have even been rare occasions when the pressure has gotten to them, and streamers have lost their temper mid stream. For the most part, however, streamers tend to have a pretty great relationship with their fans.


As a result, many fans tend to enjoy sending gifts to some of their favorite content creators. Sometimes streamers even make videos in which they unbox these gifts in view of their fans, and the results vary wildly. These unboxing videos can lead to some genuinely sweet and funny interactions, like that time Pokimane received a drawing from an 8-year-old fan. Other times, the gifts from fans can take a turn for the bizarre, disgusting, or downright creepy. 

Let's take a look at some of the weirdest things streamers have been sent by their fans.

The grossest gift of all time?

Buckle up for this first one, because it totally stinks. In fact, this story is not for those with weak stomachs, so you have been warned. 

In Oct. 2020, Twitch streamer Erobb221 was very excited to have received a present from a viewer. After tearing open the top of the package, he suddenly had a dismayed look on his face. Erobb told his partner, "It stinks, Brittney."


Erobb then removed a small baggy from the package with a note attached to it. The note read, "You have been pooped on." Sure enough, someone had decided to prank Erobb with a plastic bag full of "waste." After a few awkward moments of shocked laughter, the pair reacted with embarrassment and disgust. Erobb's partner told the viewers that she would be closing their P.O. Box immediately and that sending something like in the mail could make their baby sick.

The pair seemed skeptical that this bag really contained what it appeared to, but Erobb refused to open the baggie to confirm. The nasty package clearly crossed a line for Erobb, who went from excited to displeased very quickly.

ColtonRein literally received garbage

Food usually makes a great gift, but fans of Runescape streamer ColtonRein seem to have taken that concept in a decidedly odd direction. According to a report from Dexerto, Colton Rein was opening gifts from fans during a livestream when he received one that truly puzzled him. 


Sadly, the video of this particular unboxing is no longer available, but the description of the gift's contents are truly hilarious. As Colton opened up his present, he was greeted with the sight of old food. Laughing, he began to sift through the cornucopia of garbage. 

Inside the box was a sealed freezer bag which was apparently keeping his presents from going bad before they arrived. Opening up the bag, Colton told his viewers, "There's corn, like, kernels. There's a half-eaten piece of toast and an empty pack of gum. Get the f**k outta here, dude." 

He held up a few of these kernels up for the audience to see, still giggling. It's unclear what the motivation was for sending this bizarre cornucopia, but the folks who mailed it seemed to achieve their goals of thoroughly confusing their favorite streamer.