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Xbox Just Gave Snoop Dogg The Best Birthday Present

Never say the folks on the Xbox team at Microsoft can't take a joke — especially when they flip the joke on its head to give Snoop Dogg a birthday present that is the envy of gamers worldwide.

In case you didn't know, ex-rapper and professional cool guy Snoop Dogg (or Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. to his friends) celebrated his 49th birthday on Oct. 20. He tweeted that he had received a very special present from Microsoft: a real-life Xbox Series X fridge. This fridge was obviously based on the meme that likened the Series X to fridges, and while Snoop Dogg later deleted his tweet, Twitter user Wario64 did the internet a solid and archived the post for everyone to see.


Snoop Dogg's new fridge fully embraces the meme and is a massive dead ringer for the Xbox Series X, complete with decorative disc slot and light-up Xbox symbol. Staring at it from the front, you would be forgiven for assuming the fridge is just a monolithic Xbox Series X statue with a glowing symbol, but it indeed opens up to reveal a working fridge, internally lit with the Xbox's green glow. And, you pry the fridge open by using the "disc slot" as a handle. However, it's difficult to determine what was the better gift: the fridge or what was stored in it.

When Snoop Dogg opened his new Series X fridge, he revealed it came fully stocked with a few goodies, including essential foodstuffs such as beef, bottled water, egg cartons, and orange juice. The fridge also stashed four bottles of Snoop Dogg's own Indoggo gin. Yes, Microsoft sent Snoop Dogg a fridge full of gin and juice. Someone at Microsoft is clearly a Snoop fan.


However, the most notable inclusions were easily an Xbox Series X-shaped cake that read, "Happy Birthday to the Xbox OG," and, of course, an actual Xbox Series X console.

You probably wonder why Microsoft would send Snoop Dogg such an exclusive and all-inclusive gift. The answer is simple: he is a massive Xbox fan, all-round gamer, and video game production contributor/collaborator. Snoop has used the Xbox line of consoles since it launched in 2001. He also runs his own Twitch channel and lent his vocal cords to games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, NHL 20, Def Jam: Fight for NY, and a trailer for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Snoop Dogg also created an official song for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and received a stage in the game. He even produced his own hybrid fighter/rhythm Xbox Live Arcade game Way of the Dogg and was set to star in Fear & Respect before its untimely cancelation.

Now, while the Xbox Series X fridge sounds like an enticing gift, it is by no means one of a kind. YouTuber iJustine (who was a guest on Selfmade with Nadeshot, the podcast of 100 Thieves Gaming member Nadeshot) also received an Xbox Series X fridge. While her fridge didn't come stocked with food or an actual Xbox Series X, it came fully assembled in an oversized box the size of a Mini Cooper.


Moreover, iJustine's video demonstrated that the Xbox Series X fridge doesn't just look like the console from the front but also from every other angle. The fridge features the console's top cooling vents, complete with green coloration — all cosmetic, of course. And, if you look at the fridge from the back, you notice more details cribbed straight from the console. The fridge simulates all the rear cooling vents and ports from the real Xbox Series X, although they don't do anything. And for some reason, the fridge's power cord doesn't connect to the divot that represents the Series X's power cord plug.

When iJustine opened up the back of her fridge, she discovered it's just a normal fridge — a high quality one, mind you — stashed in a custom shell that looks like an Xbox Series X and tricked out with green lighting. Oh, and whenever you open the fridge, it plays the Xbox Series X startup noise. It is probably safe to assume that Snoop Dogg's Series X fridge is identical to the one iJustine received. Interestingly enough, Snoop Dogg and iJustine got their fridges around the same day. Only time will tell if they were the only two people lucky enough to be gifted an Xbox fridge.