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The PlayStation 1 Tactical RPG You Probably Never Played

The original PlayStation was a hotbed for popular and obscure yet still enjoyable role-playing games. Littered throughout the console's massive library were some of the greatest RPGs ever made, such as Final Fantasy 7, Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Legend of Legaia. Most of the PS1's most memorable RPGs hailed from the top Japanese development studios at the time. Square, Konami, Capcom, and Sony Interactive Entertainment's development partners are responsible for crafting some of the finest titles in the genre.


Not all of the original PlayStation's RPG classics are readily available to American gamers, however. Only the most diehard followers of the genre are probably willing to pony up large sums of import cash to bring over numerous PS1 RPG's that only released in Japan. GameFAQ's list of the top PS1 Japan-only RPGs mentions lesser-known titles such as Tokyo Dungeon, Elder Gate, and Khamrai.

One of the games that appears on that list is a little known tactical RPG that released in 2001. It owes its creation to Namco, and its name is Volfoss.

Volfoss is a tactical RPG and a Japanese PlayStation exclusive

Volfoss sees players stepping into the role of a commander who's out to make their mercenary crew (known as "Troopers") the strongest in the land. In order to fulfill that objective, you'll need to eliminate enemy commanders and bring more soldiers over to your side. Missions play out across the following classifications: recruitment, assassination, escort, and guerrilla warfare. Battles plays out in a strategy RPG manner where players move their soldiers around the battlefield and confront their threats head-on. Troopers can be built up over time through continued experience gain and can be differentiated via character classes and personality types.


The creature design featured within this Japan-only PS1 RPG is owed to Nirasawa Yasushi, whose work is also associated with the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai TV series. Plenty of gameplay footage of Volfoss has been uploaded to YouTube, which provides a closer look at the game's graphics, unique character/monster design, and futuristic Medieval fantasy setting.

If you like tactical RPGs — and if you have the means to locate and import Volfoss — it's one you might really enjoy.