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Why Watch Dogs: Legion's Spiderbot Is The Game's Best Gadget

Ubisoft and its Toronto based development studio recently gave gamers the third title in its open-world franchise about all things hacking.  Watch Dogs: Legion takes players from the fictionalized San Francisco Bay Area of its predecessor to a future dystopian interpretation of London. And what sets the third game apart from the previous two series entries is its character recruitment mechanic, which allows players to bring just about every NPC into the ranks of the hacker group known as DedSec. Legion even lets you run around as a senior citizen assassin and shock hapless foes with her trusty taser.


The playable characters within Watch Dogs: Legion have access to a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets that help them disrupt the operations of a private military group called Albion. One of the most helpful gadgets in the game is a tiny little machine known as the Spiderbot. Thanks to the many tasks it can handle, the Spiderbot stands out as an essential item for every player that's looking to survive within Legion's ruthless world.

The Spiderbot is an essential mechanical ally that can be used in a variety of ways

Watch Dogs: Legion's Spiderbot comes in two different variations, which were explained in full detail by Polygon.

The Infiltrator version of the mini-helper aids players through its masterful hacking abilities. It can also be piloted from afar and sent out to take down enemies in a stealthy manner — plus it's great for picking up nearby collectibles. When you run into the game's version of brain teasers, the Infiltrator can be relied on to help you solve them. Over time, players can pour upgrades into the machine and gift it with a sprint function, a double jump maneuver, and an invisibility cloak.


When it comes to the other Spiderbot helper, it works better as a tool suited for combat encounters. The Combat Spiderbot can morph itself into a turret on its own and you can even set it atop your car so it can mow down any baddies that are tailing you. The upgrades that make it even more formidable are increasing the turret's rate of fire and players getting the chance to manually shoot the turret. Both the Infiltrator and Combat Spiderbots come in handy during the majority of your time spent with Legion.

Legion also gives you a ton of other tools to work with, such as a Missile Drone, Electro-Shock Trap, Electro-Fist, and AR Cloak.