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What Critics Are Saying About The Playstation 5

Sony has hyped a number of new features for its latest model, the PS5, including "near instant" loading times, more immersive gameplay, and stunning visuals for 4K compatible TV screens. In a world of PC versus console, Playstation has made every attempt to be on top in the console gaming world.


So how does the new Playstation 5 hold up? Here's what the critics are saying.

First off, the PS5 is humongous — GamesRadar colorfully described the console as a "sexy alien beast," although everyone might not agree. The Verge called the PS5 an "acquired taste," but most of the reviews agree that the console's massive size and unique design makes it stand out from previous generations.

Critics were especially impressed by the new DualSense controller. The PS5's controller offers haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which bring players into the experience of gaming like never before. With the DualSense in their hands, players can "feel" the difference from previous controllers. "It is worth mentioning that although the adaptive triggers offer cool modifiers to gameplay, they eventually become a part of the experience," said GameRant critic Anthony Taormina. "It never felt like they were hindering the gameplay or making it "harder;" the triggers add to the gameplay in a way that feels organic."


A review from The Verge's Andrew Webster describes the haptic feedback experience of playing the PS5 exclusive Astro's Playroom. "It's hard to put into words, but there's a graininess when you're walking on sand, and a surprisingly accurate flat slap' feeling when Astro dives into a pool of water," wrote Webster. "In one sequence, you can feel the pitter-patter of rain in your palms, and when it changes to freezing rain, the sensation shifts to be sharper and heavier."

The PS5 has made big changes with its UI — and according to the reviews so far, the changes are welcome ones. With the press of a button, players can switch quickly between games, view their recent activity, and even be offered helpful hints. "These little Activities cards pop up like colorful tourism board signs, pointing you to your next trophy, or your recent screenshots, or offering up more info on the mission you're currently tackling," explained GamesRadar.

While the SSD of the PS5 allows for much quicker loading, there may be significant drawback. "It may say 825GB on the box but that translates to just 667GB of usable space," said IGN's Luke Reilly. "That's room for maybe a dozen games, and even fewer if they're anything like current-generation behemoths like The Last of Us Part II or Grand Theft Auto V."


How will Playstation loyalists feel about the new PS5? Will they love the new DualSense controller as much as the critics, and the lightning-fast loading times? Will the PS5's mammoth size be an eyesore on their entertainment stand? They'll find out when the Playstation 5 releases in the U.S. on Nov. 12, and worldwide Nov. 19.