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You Can Now Make This Genshin Impact Recipe In Real Life

If you've played Genshin Impact, you know that cooking is a large part of the game. When you cook and eat your own recipes, you can restore your health or temporarily boost your stats, so processing ingredients and making dishes out of them isn't just a fun mini-game — it's an important part of survival in the world of Teyvat. Now, one fan has turned a virtual recipe within the game into a real-life dish you can make and eat in your own kitchen. 


The recipe for Golden Shrimp Balls comes from Reddit user IssaGrill, who is also a Twitch partner. Her recipe, while more involved than the in-game version that requires just shrimp and potatoes, is more accessible than that version at the moment too. Golden Shrimp Balls are supposed to complete an achievement in which you obtain all 40 recipes, but fan-updated sources say you can't actually get the recipe in-game yet. However, Genshin Impact's Version 1.1 update is coming any time now, and Golden Shrimp Balls are among the new food items available with it. The news of the update says, "Reach Reputation Level 1 in Liyue to get the recipe for Golden Shrimp Balls."

IssaGrill, who is also known as Nadine, says she collaborated with fellow Canadian Instagrammer @bonneats — both of whom have made Genshin Impact-inspired dishes in the past — to create two versions of the dish. But Bonnie at @bonneats admits IssaGrill's version is "more legit than mine," probably because Bonnie's uses wonton wrappers instead of crispy fried potatoes. Both versions at least look like the one in the game, which restores 250-550 HP.


IssaGrill showed off her method in multiple places, including YouTube. Basically, she chops up shrimp meat and adds an egg, garlic powder, white pepper, salt, cornstarch, and Shaoxing wine (a rice wine for cooking: you can use cooking sherry and Asian rice wines such as sake as substitutions). Then she packs a whole shrimp into the paste that's been made and wraps the concoction in strips of destarched, boiled potato. The potato-wrapped shrimp is then frozen and fried. She serves it with a Thai chili sauce, but that's certainly negotiable. 

The real-life method is clearly a bit more difficult than cooking inside the game is (if only auto-cook actually existed!), but the result is much like the description of the dish from Genshin Impact: "a deep-fried shrimp dish" in which "the crispy potatoes bring out the light sweetness of the shrimp meat," all wrapped in a "cute, small shape." With the addition of a little seasoning and a dipping sauce, IssaGrill's version probably tastes even better. Yum!