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Call Of Duty Pro Maurice Henriquez Passes Away At 21

Esports fans received very sad news with the announcement of Maurice "Fero" Henriquez's passing, due to a series of heart attacks.

The pro Call of Duty player was a member of the Florida Mutineers, and it was a post from the team's Twitter that delivered the news. "The Mutineers family sadly confirms today the sudden passing of Maurice 'Fero' Henriquez from multiple heart attacks," the post read. "This is an unfathomable loss for his family, friends and our Florida Mutineers team. He will be greatly missed everyday."


Fans and friends flooded Twitter with support and shocked reactions from the announcement. Fellow Call of Duty pro Nadeshot made a heartfelt post, saying "The Call of Duty world is hurting tonight for you, Fero." There were various posts eluding to the possibility that Fero's death may have allegedly been self-inflicted. Pro-gamers Josiah Berry and Zed Denyer who both reminded their followers that it's hard to know what another person is going through. A post made by Adam Apicella of Esports Engine read: "I would love to see the leagues and teams invest into mental health and support programs for the players."

However, Henriquez's family insisted upon making the public aware that Fero's passing was not self-inflicted in any way. Fero's father made a post on his son's Twitter profile, saying: "We would like to state that he did not take his own life and he was not battling depression." While that cleared the air somewhat, the cause of the 21-year-old gamer's heart attacks has not yet been confirmed.


Fero was a member of several different Esports teams over the years, including Ground Zero, the team that went on to qualify in the CWL Dallas Open in 2018, and he later joined DooM Clan at CWL New Orleans. Dot Esports called Fero "one of the most talented players in the world," commenting that he made his mark in the world of pro-gaming when he joined Team Kaliber and won 2nd place in the Call of Duty Championship of 2018. Also according to Dot Esports, Fero helped The Florida Mutineers win three Home Series events in 2020, along with finishing in the top eight of the CDL Championship.

An article from Dextero described Fero as "An aggressive SMG player who was willing to take risks." Dexerto added, "[H]is dedication to perfecting his craft and ability to bounce back from adversity meant that he returned to the highest level where he belonged."