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Don't Put Your PS5 In Rest Mode While Playing Spider-Man: Remastered

The PlayStation 5 is finally here, along with the arrival of the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Remastered. Unfortunately, though, the superhero game has already fallen victim to one of the many bugs that come with any next-generation console, and this particular bug is quite a biggie. Players have reported that putting the PS5 in rest mode while playing Spider-Man: Remastered can cause the entire system to crash.

Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann took to Twitter to share his personal experiences with the PS5 rest mode bug. He noted that, when he left Spider-Man: Remastered running and temporarily shut down the PS5, he later came back to find a "repair your external drive" message on the screen. The trouble didn't stop there; after going through the external drive sequence, Gerstmann got stuck on a black screen. The only way to get past this was to hit the power button, forcing the PS5 back into rest mode and then prompting him to file an error report. Gerstmann also reported that the issue happened more than once.

Fellow gamers hit Gerstmann with a ton of questions about the Spider-Man: Remastered rest mode bug. One user, @HickmanNicho, reported a similar issue when playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, except in that case, the PS5 allegedly just shut itself off, leading to the same external drive error.

Thankfully, one reply came from developer Insomniac Games' James Stevenson, who confirmed that the studio is aware of the bug and looking into it. There doesn't seem to be any word on when players can expect a patch, so for now, the best option is to avoid putting your PS5 into rest mode altogether during Spider-Man: Remastered gameplay. In the Options feature under the PlayStation button, be sure to press "Close Game" before entering rest mode.

Unfortunately, the latest Sony console has come jam-packed with some pretty concerning bugs, such as one that causes a phantom game download when trying to download a new game or app, fixed only with a factory reset. Even worse, Jeremy Penter, the Angry Centaur Gamer, reported a hard drive issue that caused his PS5 to completely die after experiencing storage rebuild, network, and boot issues. Sony was thankfully quick to send out a perfectly-working replacement, but gamers can't help but wonder how many other people experienced the same dead console problem.

It's certainly disappointing, but bugs and glitches are to be expected with brand new systems. PS5's competitor, Xbox Series X, is definitely not without its own problems. Players who choose to get their hands on next-generation consoles right at launch always run the risk of discovering errors, which simply fuels the debate on whether or not it's best to wait awhile. Hopefully, Sony can get all these issues patched soon so the real fun of next-generation gaming can begin.