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What Critics Are Saying About Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is one of the latest PlayStation 5 exclusives. The title has gone through a complete overhaul that enhanced the lighting and character models, and delivered a smoother frame-rate performance. Spider-Man Remastered launched in select regions on Nov. 12 and is expected to release worldwide on Nov. 19. With several regions enjoying earlier access to the game, a variety of reviews have sprouted across the web.


In his review of Spider-Man Remastered, Jonathon Dornbush of IGN raved about the tasteful and vibrant color that the release boasts. "It's a different time of year than Miles Morales' Christmas setting, so it offers a different enough visual palette even though I'd just played that game," Dornbush stated. So, even though the games are releasing simultaneously, Spider-Man Remastered offers an alternate perspective of New York. The game may feel fresh and vibrant, but Dornbush did warn that the missions are not very different or diverse when compared to the original.

PSU writer John-Paul Jones started off his review by commending the original version of the game. The acrobatic combat, storytelling, and city were all kept intact from the initial release. In his final verdict, Jones said, "Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered is must-have gaming for everyone who has yet to sample the heroic adventures of the original friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man." The remaster allows players to choose between performance mode for 60 frames per second, and fidelity mode, which runs at a lower 30 frames per second but with an upscaled 4K resolution.


Billy Givens of We Got This Covered praised the reworked character models that Insomniac implemented, which allowed the company to include more skin, hair, and eye details. He continued on to mention, "And it helps that New York has received a big visual revamp as well, with updated models and textures which drastically enhance the experience of exploration." The inclusion of ray-traced reflections added a new depth to New York. Both the character and building models really bring out a new layer to Spider-Man Remastered.

Spider-Man Remastered has been praised for its vibrant color palette, performance mode, and the life-like textures that add a surreal amount of depth. While the reviews highlighted the cinematics and the upgraded functionality, there is still much discussion about the stagnation of mission diversity. But if you are looking for a game with immersive gameplay and a phenomenal storyline, then don't miss out on Spider-Man Remastered.