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These Are The Best Suits In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has plenty of awesome custom suits for the titular hero to wear. In fact, it's surprising to see just how many different outfits there are in the game, particularly when you consider the fact that Miles Morales doesn't take quite as long to beat as the original Marvel's Spider-Man.


Suits in the game can be unlocked through a few different methods. Some are unlocked simply through story missions. Others can be earned by collecting Activity Tokens, which are picked up when completing story missions and side-quests, as well as Tech Parts, which are hidden in various areas throughout the game. 

While all of Miles' different suits are cool in their own ways, there are a few that are just plain better than the others. Some of Miles' alternate threads have special abilities that will prove invaluable when the rookie superhero is caught in the crosshairs between Roxxon and the Tinkerer. Here are the best suits in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as well as how you can unlock them.

Beware of mild spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Purple Reign

The Purple Reign costume is awesome for a few different reasons. First of all, the name itself is a reference to Prince and the Revolution's famous album and film, which automatically makes it way cooler. This suit's armored look and color scheme is also inspired by the armor worn by the supervillain known as the Prowler, who plays a major part in Miles' story.


This suit can be found rather late in the game, following the story mission "Breaking Through the Noise." To unlock the Purple Reign suit, players must collect all of the Sound Samples in the game, which are audio waveforms left behind by the Prowler. Collecting all of these will open the side mission "Back to the Beginning." Upon completion of that mission, you'll have earned yourself the Purple Reign suit. 

Not only does the suit look extra snazzy, but it has a special ability that makes it invaluable when trying to take out large enemy groups as quietly as possible. The "Reclaimer" Suit Mod replenishes one of Miles' gadget ammo slots for every successful stealth takedown that he pulls off.


The End

The design of this suit is inspired by the 2020 one-shot comic issue Miles Morales: The End, which followed the exploits of an elderly Miles as he fought to protect some of the last living humans from a gang of super soldiers. However, the suit is worn by a considerably younger hero during the events of Spider-Man: Miles Morales


While the story that inspired this suit is a bit of a downer, gamers are definitely going to be happy with the abilities granted to them when they unlock this costume. The End suit comes with the Suit Mod "Heavy Focus," which is a real game-changer in the stealth department. With Heavy Focus equipped, Miles' camouflage ability drains at a much slower rate when he's standing still. 

In order to unlock Miles' The End suit, you need to collect 2 Tech Parts and 16 Activity Tokens. It may take a little bit of grinding, but it'll totally be worth it when you're trying to infiltrate one of Roxxon's labs.