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What You Didn't Know About N64's Bizarre Glove Controller

Nintendo is certainly no stranger to bizarre console accessories. Since the release of the gaming giant's Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983, there have been some unusual, albeit memorable, peripherals for gamers to expand their gaming experience, such as the NES's R.O.B. the Robot, the motion-controlled U-Force NES peripheral, or the GameCube's Donkey Kong Bongos. Although not all of Nintendo's special controllers were entirely functional, some were and still are extremely rare and valuable collectibles.


The perfect example of a bizarre and rare collector's item was the Nintendo 64 Reality Quest Glove — not to be confused with the 1989 NES Power Glove, which became infamous for its inaccuracy and uselessness. The Reality Quest Glove was much lesser known, but equally lacking in functionality. It was designed to be worn on the right hand and used to play any N64 game one-handed. Console Variations has estimated that only 10,000 to 50,000 units were made, so it can be hard to find today. 

Here are some other things to know about the Reality Quest Glove.

N64's glove controller was perfect for gamers with disabilities

The Reality Quest Glove was meant to be strapped over the right arm (sorry, lefties), and the player's hand rests on a mitt covered in the original N64 controller's buttons. Movement was also incorporated via gyroscopic technology. Because everything was accessible with one hand, the Reality Quest Glove was actually a great controller for gamers with disabilities. In a Reddit thread about the glove, user pyro5050 pointed out that it was particularly useful for paraplegic players with limited movement in their hands. 


Unfortunately, while the design was nice, pyro5050 notes that the Reality Quest Glove had an inconsistent response time and it was very susceptible to getting worn out. Others in the Reddit thread have hinted that the accessory is best viewed as a collector's piece. Overall, it seems the Reality Quest Glove was a good idea in theory. In practice, not so much.

The glove controller also had a PS1 version

The original PlayStation received its own version of the Reality Quest Glove, though that one wasn't much better. On this version, the player used wrist motions in lieu of D-pad controls. The action buttons and the L1 and R1 buttons were placed under three fingers on the right hand. Additionally, the four shoulder buttons, again including L1 and R1, were located at the thumb. Users could change the configuration settings as needed.


The PS1 Reality Quest Glove was said to work best on driving simulator games and fighter games. The button placements were meant to give the player a greater variety of combination moves. According to a PlayStation Illustrated review of the glove, it did seem to have better functionality than the N64 glove. However, the necessary wrist movements made it less accessible for all players.

Compared to today's technology, the N64 Reality Quest Glove probably wouldn't be a gamer's first choice for a controller. Those who want a nostalgia fix are likely better off using the original N64 controller. Still, the glove is a great addition to any collection for those who can get their hand(s) on it.