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Creative Ways People Are Cheating In League Of Legends

No matter the game, players will always get around the rules—and they'll find some of the most ridiculous and creative ways they can possibly cheat to get their way. From using specialized bots to gaming the system with scripts, cheaters sometimes prosper, but they do end up getting caught. League of Legends is a game that's routinely plagued by cheaters who will always find a way to break bad. Here are some of the most creative ways they've done it.

Running scripts

It's possible to write in-game scripts for League of Legends in order to automate mechanics that humans aren't able to mimic as quickly or efficiently. Some scripts can detect the path of a skillshot, or one of the abilities you can use in League of Legends, and allow your character to automatically dodge it. Typically, they make it so that your characters perform actions on their own, aided by the PC itself, and are essentially unstoppable. Obviously this makes things extremely difficult for others who opt to play fairly. While it isn't creative to run a script, you do have to be creative enough to not get caught, as high-level players can suss out the fact that you're cheating and report you.

Map zooming

This might seem obvious, but seeing everything on the map can make or break things for you in certain League of Legends situations. That's where the map zooming hack comes in. You normally can't see the entire map while you're playing in-game, but certain hacks allow players to see everything that's going on, allowing for better tactical advantages that offer players a leg up over the competition. It's also difficult (if not impossible) to be detected by other players, so if you decide to use this method, they'll likely be left wondering if there's something you're hiding—or if you're just that good.


You've probably heard the term "botting" before in reference to other online games, especially titles like World of Warcraft—or virtually any other MMO. Bots are computer-controlled or AI characters that you usually utilize for practice or for filling up a team when you need additional players. Of course, the very same word also refers to processes used to automate their experience, allowing them to perform tasks with enhanced accuracy, accumulate levels and experience in a manner inconsistent with normal play. Using bots is similar to scripting, but not entirely the same. You can run both in tandem, which makes for an even deadlier combination when it comes to ensuring others can't get past you.

Range-altering hacks

Obviously, most attacks aren't meant to be infinitely far-reaching. If they were, you'd have no trouble inflicting damage on enemies when they weren't directly in your line of sight—and here's where range-altering hacks come in handy. Suddenly, an enemy that's in another lane can be obliterated without you ever having to get near them, which keeps you out of the line of fire. It's an intelligent choice to remain safe while launching your own offensives on enemies, and one of the best ways to ensure opponents are kept guessing. You're effectively keeping your opponents in the dark, and they might not even think to check if you're cheating.