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The Xbox Pirate Game We Sadly Never Got To Play

Pirates have been around since mankind first gained access to the sea. They've become a major part of pop culture and there was even a point in time where pirates dominated movies and television. But what about the pirates you never got a chance to hear about?

Age of Pirates: Captain Blood was a pirate-themed action-adventure game that was in development for Microsoft's Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC. According to IGN, when Russian games publisher 1C Company had announced its E3 line-up for 2004, Age of Pirates: Captain Blood was at the top of the announcement. The game was based on a number of novels written by Rafael Sabatini. In 2003, Russian studio Akella began development on the title.

As detailed in a blog post by game designer Stanislav Costiuc, Captain Blood was introduced to the public eye as a pirate game with a sophisticated combat system. The game's trailer would reveal a fencing-like style of sword combat and open sea naval combat. E3 observers were impressed what they saw in the trailer.

Age of Pirates: Captain Blood could have brought a new wave to the pirate takeover. So why did this game disappear?

What happened to Age of Pirates: Captain Blood?

Age of Pirates: Captain Blood went through many different iterations. The game was overhauled on multiple occasions, and each time, it moved further away from its original concept. In 2003, according to Costiuc, the development leaders decided to pursue different projects.

The game changed again in 2005 and become a hack-and-slash type game. The game had become a pirate version of God of War, which turned off a number of eager fans. In 2007, the game was sold and would be overhauled again with updated graphics and character movement. By this time, the game had moved to another publisher, Playlogic.

Age of Pirates: Captain Blood was finally ready for release in 2010, and it was rumored that the game was complete. Unfortunately, 1C Company was then sued by Playlogic over licensing issues. No one knows the exact specifics, but the legal battle led to the complete cancellation of the title's release. The game was ready to be shipped out to retailers, but shipment never got underway. Playlogic would eventually go on and file for bankruptcy, and Age of Pirates: Captain Blood never saw the light of day.