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Dr Disrespect Airs His Controversial, Humble Thought

Dr Disrespect, who is no stranger to making news for throwing shade, has done so again by naming a player he thinks is the best controller player ever. In a tweet from a day ago, he named fellow streamer Aydan as his pick to stand above himself and major esports competitors Karma and FormaL. 


"I was looking at my trophies and a controversial humble thought came across my bullet proof mullet," Dr Disrespect said in a tweet. "@aydan could be the best controller gamer the world has ever seen. I mean, there's me, the Lamborghini, @DKarma and @FormaL in the conversation BUT, Aydan is something else."

Twenty-one-year-old Aydan Conrad responded to the tweet, saying, "The champion himself has spoken, I may rest now."

Dr Disrespect's comment did not come out of the blue. It followed a Nov. 20 event in which Aydan broke the record for the most solo kills in a Solos vs. Quads game in Call of Duty: Warzone, racking up 60 kills in one game.

Dr Disrespect's statement is controversial for several reasons: The players to which he is being compared are competitive Call of Duty players. Damon "Karma" Barlow and Matthew "FormaL" Piper have participated in international competitions to get their bona fides in multiple games, while Aydan is mostly known for his content creation: high-level competition and public streaming exploits can't necessarily be directly compared, according to people who responded to the initial tweet. Dr Disrespect also omitted to name a few other great Call of Duty players, such as Seth "Scump" Abner, which some took exception to.


Controller play on computers is also somewhat controversial, thanks to the aim assist that controller users get in competitive play. Another famous streamer, Ninja, has been among the critics of controller play. In fact, Ninja has gone so far as to call it cheating. He said in April over Twitter after playing a couple of times with a controller, "You cannot tell me that with 100% strength aim assist and linear settings that using a controller isn't aimbot."

Ninja even asked Aydan's opinion, as a controller player, for his "honest opinion" on the way the aim-assist is being used in another game that Aydan plays: Fortnite. Aydan responded by acknowledging that controller play was too strong, and saying that Epic Games, Fortnite's creator, was using aim-assist as a way of evening the playing field when other, less overpowered mechanics could do the same thing. "I think there needs to be a serious rework around linear and they need to start focusing on mechanics that will make controller similar to M&K," Aydan said.

Nevertheless, Dr Disrespect naming Aydan as among the best Call of Duty players is clearly a major compliment, and has made Aydan a streamer many more will be watching going forward.