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PS5 Looks Surprisingly Good On The Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy is a beloved piece of gaming hardware. The device was a literal game-changer, bringing handheld adventures to players everywhere. There were several iterations over the years, including the Game Boy Advance and its smaller counterpart, the Game Boy Micro. As for that last handheld device, one enterprising YouTuber has recently discovered that it can be used to play the latest generation of console gaming. That's right; it turns out you can play PlayStation 5 games on a Game Boy Micro.


Last month, Eliot from YouTube channel The Retro Future showed viewers how to play a Nintendo Switch using a Game Boy Advance as a monitor. As Eliot explained in the newest video, this was possible due to a third party "TV tuner" device from Blaze. The original use for this accessory was to allow players to watch television on their Game Boy Advance, but Eilot has since found other applications for the tuner. Using a series of adapters, Eliot plugged a Switch into the audio/video inputs on the TV tuner. This got him wondering if it was possible to pull this trick off with other devices.

For his latest trick, Eliot found and purchased a rare third party accessory for the Game Boy that acts as an audio/video hub. According to Eilot, this first step might be the hardest hurdle for anyone wanting to recreate this experiment, because the accessory he used went for quite a bit of money online.


Eliot plugged the audio/video hub into his Game Boy Micro, then ran red and yellow AVI cables from there and into an HDMI converter, which was then connected to the PlayStation 5 console via HDMI. The excitement in the YouTuber's voice is unmistakable as he powers up the PS5 and sees the next-gen console's menu screen appear on the tiny Game Boy Micro screen. 

With that, The Retro Future set about playing the most itty bitty game of Astro's Playroom ever seen. Eliot also tried the process out with a few other Game Boy consoles, including a Dual Screen Game Boy Advance SP.

It is unclear whether or not the Xbox Series X can also be played on the Game Boy Micro, but it seems like it would work through pretty much the same process. This Game Boy Micro/PS5 crossover is the latest in a series of unorthodox methods that gamers have discovered for playing their favorite games. Last month, YouTuber Equalo posted a video chronicling his attempts to power a game of Doom with nothing but potatoes